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Lotte World Tower: the height of elegance

02.07.2014 | News
Thrusting skyward in the South Korean capital Seoul is what will soon be the tallest building in East Asia – the 555 m Lotte World Tower. The Doka formwork solution fielded here uses SKE100 and SKE50 plus automatic climbers and the Protection screen Xclimb 60, and is ensuring swift, safe construction progress.
For the formwork of the immense reinforced concrete core, Doka is again deploying know-how that has seen many such megaprojects through to a successful conclusion: 132 SKE100 automatic climbers, combined with Large-area formwork Top 50, are being climbed ahead of the floor-slabs, in casting sections that are 4.5 m high in the typical storeys. Automatic climbing formwork SKE50 plus is being used to construct eight 318 m tall, solid-cross-section mega-columns on the outside of the structure.

Telescoping protection screen

Since June 2014 a 20 m high Protection screen Xclimb 60 is providing a gapless enclosure around the top four and a half storeys at any one time. All operations are carried out sheltered from climatic influences and high winds. The constantly changing shape of the structure presented the Formwork Experts with a great challenge in the planning phase. The Doka project team’s answer was to develop a new, telescoping protection screen specially for the Lotte World Tower; this screen takes little or no modification to adapt to tapering structure shapes. The screen elements can be adjusted to widths of between 3 m and 5 m. Says Doka Project Manager Klaus Eckstein: “One of the exciting things about this assignment was that there were more than 20 of us in a single team based in three different countries – Korea, Singapore and Austria – all working together to devise and implement individualised solutions for the Lotte World Tower.”

Further information in the new Lotte World Tower Video

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