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Acting responsibly. Today for tomorrow.

17.06.2014 | News
The roots of Umdasch Group, the parent company of Doka Group, trace back to the 19th century – from regional craftsman's business to global player. This type of development is impossible without acting in a sustainable manner. The sustainability report provides insight into this entrepreneurial spirit that is innovative as well as traditional.
Umdasch Group is a fourth generation family-owned business whose history spans nearly 150 years. Sustainability is not only an integral component of the business model based on the proximity and direct relationship to wood. "Sustainability is not to be understood as a veneer but as a matter of course in dealing with all stakeholders", so Andreas J. Ludwig, CEO of Umdasch Group. From the perspective of forestry, sustainability is a principle that allows for cutting only as much timber at a time as can grow back. Apart from being an ecological pillar, a holistically sustainable approach also includes economic and social action. Taking on responsibility for society, environment, people and products is one of the basic principles of the Umdasch company culture. The consistent objective of all strategic decisions and operational measures is to satisfy the needs of today's generation without jeopardising the ability of future generations to satisfy theirs.
As a regional business leader and internationally active enterprise in formwork technology (Doka Group) and shopfitting (Umdasch Shopfitting Group), the enterprise has dual responsibility as an employer and business partner. Both are of crucial importance to the quality of life of thousands of people. In all activities and developments Umdasch Group considers corporate social responsibility as an obligation and part of its self-image.

The sustainability report summarises the Umdasch Group's status quo and details the sustainable business models of the Doka Group and the Umdasch Shopfitting Group.

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