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Doka’s Ringlock modular scaffolding now available in Australia

24.05.24 | Press
Doka is expanding its product portfolio in Australia with the addition of Ringlock modular scaffolding. Australian customers can now obtain formwork and scaffolding from a single source and benefit from seamless planning, reliable assembly and disassembly, rapid availability, and a professional rental process. This allows Australian construction projects to be realised even faster and more efficiently.

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By expanding its portfolio to include scaffolding solutions for construction projects, Doka is responding to current challenges in the industry, such as high transport costs, bottlenecks in the supply chain and increased organisational and coordination efforts. "Doka is now the one-stop shop for all our customers' formwork and scaffolding needs. This reduces the number of interfaces. Especially when it comes to renting formwork and scaffolding from a single source, valuable synergies are created for our customers," explains Carl Smith, Managing Director, Doka Australia.

The Ringlock scaffolding system offers all of the operational advantages that contractors have come to expect from the Doka brand. Customers benefit from seamless planning, rapid availability and a professional rental process underpinned by a quality reliable product. By providing a single point of contact for both formwork and scaffolding trades, customers can minimise organisational and coordination efforts, thus saving time and resources. Furthermore, Doka's national representatives ensure a streamlined ordering process and reliable delivery, underpinned by a service network that guarantees fast and flexible support.

Fully rentable from a single-source
Doka offers its customers an efficient and high-quality rental network for formwork and scaffolding. Smith adds: "We ensure that our customers benefit from a smooth and simple rental process, allowing them to concentrate on what really matters – their construction project.” With Doka's supplementary rental service, even larger construction projects can also be realised quickly and easily without high investments in new materials. Doka customers are able to respond flexibly to requirements and remain economically efficient.

Maximum flexibility
The Ringlock scaffold is a versatile all-rounder on construction sites, offering best quality at an attractive price-performance ratio. Thanks to its modular capabilities, the system can be used flexibly for different construction site requirements. Established for decades in the scaffolding market, this tried-and-tested system solution is the ideal complement for performing reinforcement and formwork quickly and safely. In Australia, Ringlock is available for three applications, including stair towers, shoring and working scaffold.

Moreover, the Ringlock scaffold is also extremely robust, easy to assemble and fully compatible with other widely used and tested Ring-type systems on the market. In addition, the Ringlock scaffold is DIBt certified and complies with all common safety standards.

All in all, a safe and lasting choice
Ringlock is an ideal solution for working scaffolds in construction projects, offering exceptional safety and durability. Its robust design ensures stability and reduces the risk of accidents, providing workers with the confidence to perform their tasks effectively, and this means both the scaffolders and end-users of the structure. In addition, Ringlock's galvanised finish reduces maintenance costs and provides long-term reliability, which, combined with its modular design, enables versatile configurations and long-term reusability. By adopting Ringlock scaffolding, customers can be confident that they are investing in a safe and durable solution for their construction needs.

Decarbonising construction sites
Doka is committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2040. By focusing on decarbonisation, the company has already calculated the carbon footprints for more than 7,000 of its products. Robert Hauser, CEO of Doka, says: “Doka strives to support a sustainable future through environmental transparency. In early 2024, we introduced carbon footprint data for our scaffolding products, marking another milestone alongside our formwork portfolio. We are proud to be the first in our industry to do so." In this way, Doka offers transparent data on GHG emissions, empowering customers to make environmentally responsible purchasing decisions in renovation as well as redevelopment projects.

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