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Doka Online Shop expands reach into Australia

08.07.2024 | Press
Over the past decade, the construction industry has seen a steady increase in B2B e-commerce, making it an intrinsically valuable part of the industrial landscape. Equipped with its own online shop, Doka has created a highly functional online presence that is now supporting a growing number of customers.

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A world without the convenience of buying books or reserving a hotel room with just a few clicks is almost unimaginable. According to Statista, over 40 percent of internet users worldwide have purchased goods or services online, and this figure is growing steadily. This trend can also be seen in the construction industry. According to a Roland Berger study titled “Changes to the B2C/B2B Market Structures through E-Commerce”, 25 percent of all revenue in the construction industry will be generated online by the year 2030.

According to a Sapio survey of 300 B2B organisations, a quarter of which were from the European, U.S., Australian and New Zealand construction industries, 84 percent of global construction companies assume they will sell their entire product portfolio online in the future. This puts the construction industry ahead of other industrial sectors including the electronics industry at 72 percent, the automotive industry at 60 percent, and significantly above the global average of 72 percent.

Online commerce has eliminated international borders, enabling many companies to expand into new markets. As a result, e-commerce has become an important part of many companies’ business growth strategies, particularly those seeking increased rationalisation and time savings. As a core benefit to the wider construction industry, e-commerce directly supports reducing the number of manual data errors, decreasing system administration requirements, and streamlining the processing of internal sales.

With the Doka Online Shop, Doka not only serves customers of all sizes but a wide range of construction projects. This entails a diverse range of requirements. Site managers of large construction projects often need support in selecting the right products or advice on whether to buy or rent equipment. Doka’s sales department takes care of these customers’ specific requirements and guides them through the sales process. Experienced buyers, on the other hand, who manage smaller, more straightforward construction projects, or require components only, usually already know what they need. The online shop offers a large selection, a better overview of stock levels, and speeds up the ordering process.

“As we were able to show in a process study, when purchases are made via the online shop, significant savings can be achieved in the internal settlement process for both our customers and us. Most importantly, our customers can order their most frequently used products at any time and independently of us. As private consumers, we know they have become accustomed to this standard of business and see no reason why it shouldn’t be applied to their professional requirements as well. Customer feedback speaks for itself. That is why we are constantly striving to improve our e-commerce offering for our customers,” says Gerald Haring, Head of Department E-Commerce at Doka.

Online shop focuses on customer experience

2016 was an exciting year for Doka as it launched its first online shop in Austria and Germany. Eight years later, online shops are now available in over 30 countries. So far, over 9,600 users from 8,000 customers have registered, and around 7,000 orders have been processed. The main products purchased are components and formwork accessories.

Customers can access the online offering 24/7 via their preferred electronic devices by visiting Here they can find an up-to-date overview of the range of products, their availability, and prices. Furthermore, the shop also gives recommendations for accessories and supplementary items they might need, making searching for products more efficient.

Carl Smith, Managing Director of Doka Australia highlights the benefits of the Doka Online Shop: "The Doka Online Shop is efficient, user-friendly, and transparent. Its automated and flexible order generation is able to meet our client’s logistics requirements. We also offer clients the option to select specific dates for material pickup and check order histories anytime. I'm very satisfied and believe the Doka Online Shop has a bright future in Australia."

Once an order has been placed, customers can track their status online. Orders can be delivered directly to the customer or picked up at a Doka branch as desired, while the customer's dedicated online shop service hotline is available to answer any questions or provide advice.

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