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Consolidating Construction

14.06.2023 | Press
Why Doka Australia’s emphasis on providing a broader spectrum of products and services has helped optimise cost, efficiency, and safety for Australia’s residential, commercial and infrastructure projects.

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Australia’s construction industry has been at“breaking point” for almost two years, that is according to the Australian Financial Review, as ever-increasing material and fuel prices put greater pressure on contractors and developers to turn a profit, while adhering to project deadlines. For regions such as Queensland, which has a $64 billion major-projects pipeline over the next five years, this has led to significant pressure for government intervention to provide a more sustainable approach until supernormal prices retreat to pre-pandemic levels.

The same pressure has also encouraged contractors and sub-contractors to carefully rethink their approach toward project management and how processes can be optimised in order to achieve time-saving results, while keeping costs to a minimum. As a result, companies such as Doka have, for some time, focused on creating a“one-stop-shop” solution for its customers by providing enhanced project coordination, improved quality control, increased efficiency, and the application of its state-of-the-art products and engineering expertise, to help achieve more sustainable results – but what does this look like in reality, and how is Doka proactively supporting greater cost efficiency?

As recently stated by Doka CEO, Robert Hauser, when interviewed about the company’s growing synergies, its complete acquisition of a US-based scaffolding company earlier this year is a perfect example of how Doka’s philosophy of providing a broader range of services under one umbrella is delivering on a growing demand for single-source solutions that adhere to the highest standards. As a result, Doka’s reach not only enables it to provide a wider range of solutions for its construction-based clients, but also branch out into other sectors.

Through the lens of project integration, probably one of the simplest, yet effective tactics has been through early-stage project involvement. By being onboard from the very beginning of a project, Doka’s highly experienced engineers and project managers identify potential issues and provide early-stage solutions that not only take efficiency into account, but the entire project’s lifecycle, offering greater sustainability. For example, by calculating the project’s likely duration, and or subsequent follow up work, Doka provides a cost-breakdown that illustrates the difference in value between buying and renting equipment, allowing the customer to make informed decisions from the get-go.

Additionally, Doka’s early-stage involvement also means sharing how its innovative products and systems save time, while improving quality, again helping to maximise value. As a great example, Doka’s Concremote device has already been shown to shorten cycle times by measuring data in real time, thereby validating concrete quality for reduced concrete finishing costs while providing hard data for compliance and safety.

In Australia, Doka’s most successful consolidation has been on its high-rise projects, where its partnership with Lubeca has ensured the timely delivery of several major skyscrapers. In fact, the collaboration has been so successful that it’s been applied to several other projects around the world, including the Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi, as well as the World One and World Crest in Mumbai.

By leveraging Lubeca’s high-performance, self-climbing Jumpform solution, which provides unmatched productivity on mid to high-rise projects, the fully hydraulic system allows contractors to move seamlessly from floor-to-floor, while Doka’s screens and slab hand-set formwork provide additional safety and protection for working at height. As a result, contractors are given a crane-independent solution that often exceeds the construction schedule, while providing peace of mind for site teams and managers.

As stated by Doka Australia’s Managing Director, Carl Smith when talking about the work on Melbourne’s Aurora Tower, “In combining Jumpform and Screens to work simultaneously, we were able to provide a faster and superior solution for the main contractor, Probuild. The work was so successful that Probuild management still to this day continue to promote the solution we provided within the industry.”

As an additional benefit, Doka Australia is in the process of establishing its own B2B, e-commerce platform, meaning customers will also benefit from a streamlined process of purchasing online.

As the industry continues to evolve to meet the needs of its environment, the demand for providing competitive, single-source solutions will soon become the norm and allow for a more cohesive and cost-effective approach that stands to benefit safety, the environment and ultimately, the bottom line.

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