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A partnership for new heights

28.04.2021 | Australia
After identifying the extensive benefits of working together, Doka and Lubeca’s partnership has grown to become a formula for success the world over.

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  • Carl Smith, Adam Halliburton
Hailing from very different parts of the world, Lubeca and Doka have more in common than you might first think. Outside of the obvious connection of formwork, both companies have consistently ensured their products and services not only uphold the highest international standards in construction, but also provide valuable, time and cost-saving solutions for their clients.

Launched in Melbourne, Australia, Lubeca’s self-climbing formwork solution, Jumpform, was launched to offer a high-performance solution when it first came to the market, albeit it has now evolved somewhat since its debut in order to keep up with Australian building standards. Specifically designed to offer exceptional productivity on mid to high-rise projects, its fully hydraulic system has allowed contractors to move continuously from floor-to-floor, while taking advantage of Jumpform’s fast repositioning for over twenty-five years.

Meanwhile, some sixteen thousand kilometres away in Austria, with its heritage of over 150 years, Doka had been expanding its operations to become a major player in the global market. Equipped with a broad range of formwork products and systems, a highly experienced in-house team of more than 7,400, and a presence in seventy countries around the world, Doka and Lubeca quickly saw the mutually beneficial potential of combining resources and in doing so, extend an even stronger value proposition to their clients.

Speaking on behalf of Lubeca, managing director, Adam Halliburton said, “For us, Doka Australia represented an excellent opportunity to combine our strengths and offer a turnkey service for main contractors that needed an all-in-one solution for their high-rise projects, something that has now grown beyond Australia and into the international markets.”

Since its initial collaboration, the partnership has worked on projects around the world including the Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi, World One and World Crest in Mumbai and most famously, the Aurora Building in Melbourne, which currently stands as Australia’s third tallest building.

Commenting on the project’s success, Carl Smith, managing director, Doka Australia said, “The solution provided on the Aurora Tower worked perfectly. In combining Jumpform and Xbright Screens to work simultaneously, we were able to provide a faster and superior solution for the main contractor, Probuild. The work was so successful that Probuild management still to this day continue to promote the solution we provided within the industry.”

When asked about the partnership’s opportunity for growth in the Australian market, Carl commented, “Geographically, I see the opportunity in New South Wales, where Doka is very strong and the Lubeca market share is just starting to grow. Over the past four years, Jumpform business has been secured with major builders such as Lend Lease and Multiplex, so this is certainly an area where we see an opportunity for further growth.”

With neither Doka nor Lubeca wanting to limit their target market to just the large prestigious projects, their ability to tailor solutions to the exacting requirements of the client will continue to serve as their greatest strength, particularly when appealing to more creatively designed projects. When asked about the success of the companies’ collaboration so far, Carl said, “I believe that the partnership is only just finding its way and has a lot of potential for a larger market share in the future. Thanks to our complementary skill sets and resources, our ‘One Stop Shop’ approach is very appealing to major builders that are looking for a strong and reliable provider that can deliver on all aspects, ranging from core solutions to edge protection and anything in between. In the case of Doka, the backing and strength provided by its 150-year history and position as a global leader is invaluable.”

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