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Doka brings home the safety message

28.04.2017 | Australia
Doka Australia launches 'Stay Safe – For Moments that Matter' campaign for the World Day of Safety 2017

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An emotional heart tug is what formwork company, Doka Australia, is harnessing with a new safety campaign to be launched in time for the World Day of Safety on 28 April. The innovative campaign, Stay Safe – For Moments that Matter, features a series of safety videos to be posted on social media and sent via email link to Doka Australia’s customers.

“This campaign aims to put safety firmly on the radar for our customers’ every waking moment. The video shows a ‘real’ Australian family going about a typical working day from the morning to the evening in a real Aussie location,” says Marketing Professional for Doka Australia, Nelli Hegi.

The series follows the story of the family as they wake up together, drive their child to preschool, then go to work and return home safely. “In a split second that scenario can change and not for the better. A work accident, even a near miss, perhaps not even involving that family member brings the message home that safety is paramount,” says Nelli. This campaign is a first for Doka Australia and highlights the heart of what the company does – bringing people home safely. It does this through rigorously developing and refining its formwork systems through trials to ensure they meet stringent safety standards.

There are 14 common hazards and risks in formwork and falsework, according to the authority, Worksafe Australia. In fact, formwork failures on high-rise sites lead to the most injuries and deaths in the construction sector, says US site Concrete Construction.

Those rates have prompted Doka to get the message out that safety on site is paramount and that Doka “has your back, too, with its approach to safety,” says Nelli. Doka’s General Manager, Christian Unger, said the campaign aims to get to the core of Doka‘s business - to make sure its formwork systems keep people safe on site. We are keen to create an emotional connection with the audience and continue our conversations with our customers that Doka offers a safer system and we care about the people on site.”

“It’s easy to forget the real moments that matter. It is coming home safe after a hard working day on site and spend time with your family.” added Nelli.

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