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Real-time project data. At a glance.

First class customer service. Online.

The myDoka customer portal provides instant access to the inventory and transaction data of all jobsites in real time. The user-friendly interface allows intuitive navigation through the portal, which is available to you 24/7 and thus ensures maximum flexibility.

The idea of service comes first at myDoka, which is why we are constantly developing our customer portal!

The new myDoka customer portal will do much more in the future.

In addition to free basic functionalities such as management of rental material (myMaterial), commercial and business documentation (myBusiness) and collaboration on technical planning (myEngineering), there are also paid premium functionalities such as material management for rental and own material (myMaterial plus).


Available from 2024


Rental material management
Material movements, stock, delivery notes, order overview, return delivery overview, construction site journal

Management of own & rented material
myMaterial plus (paid service)

Available from 2024


  • Financial Journal
  • Download of financial documents
  • Project evaluations
  • Dashboard with key figures


  • Download of product information
  • Exchange of technical drawings

myMaterial & myMaterial plus

Manage Doka rental material with myMaterial

The free myMaterial functions are used to manage rental stocks and material movements between the customer and Doka.

The rental stock can be displayed at company, project and site level for each individual day in the past or at the current status.

Orders can be placed and returns and transfers easily created.

All material movements are displayed in the journal to ensure full transparency of all stock changes.

In addition, there is an overview for orders and returns in which all required information is available at any time for all participants.

Manage own and rental material with myMaterial plus

The paid service myMaterial plus supports our customers in managing their Doka rental material and any kind of in-house material.

Both rental material from Doka and the entire stock of your company's own material can be displayed for each individual day in the past or at the current status.

Projects, construction sites and article master data can be created and managed individually.

Orders can be placed and return deliveries and rental material transfers can be easily created.

An overview of orders from Doka and returns to Doka, including all necessary information, is available to the participants anytime.

In order to digitally map all changes to the in-house material stock, it can be added, reposted, returned to the building yards, delivered from building yards to construction sites and transferred between construction sites. In case of damage or loss, the stock can be corrected.

Your benefits at a glance

Materialbewegungen zwischen Baustellen

Save time when recording material movements between construction yards and construction sites within your company and between your construction sites and Doka.


Ensure that the right material in the required quantity is on your construction site in time.

Transparenz Materialbewegung

Increase the transparency of your stocks and your material movements.

Erhöhung der Materialauslastung

Increase the utilisation of your own and rented materials.

Existing customers can continue to use their myDoka access!

As soon as all functionalities of the new platform are implemented, they will be transferred and automatically benefit from additional services!

How do I access myDoka?


myDoka Service Team