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Shaft platform

The climbing formwork for inside-shafts

The shaft platform plus shaft formwork are quick and easy to reposition, in just one crane cycle.


High adaptability

to any width of shaft 

The telescoping shaft beams allow easy adaptation to any dimension of structure.

Quick to reposition

in just one crane cycle 

Reduced labour and crane times, as

  • the entire unit can be repositioned quickly and safely in one piece
  • the Framax stripping corner I makes it easy to set up and strike the formwork, with no need for a crane

Easy to mount

as required 

Handy, practical suspension-mounting on the structure, using

  • gravity pawl with no expendable anchoring components
  • main beam head


Sam­ple build­ing core de­sign

(1) Climbing formwork MF240 – to support the wall formwork, especially on the outside of the building core. The fully enclosed platform system offers plenty of space for fast, safe working.

(2) Shaft platform – to support the wall formwork of staircases and lift shafts. Repositioning platform and formwork requires only that the wall formwork is slightly detached from the concrete.

MF240 Climbing System

The perfect combination for shafts: Shaft platform plus Framax stripping corner I. The formwork is closed and opened without any crane assistance, simply by turning a spindle with a hammer or reinforcement rod or with the easy-to-handle ratchet.


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