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Panel floor formwork Dokadek 20

The ergonomic panel floor formwork for residential building construction

Dokadek 20, the beam-less hand-set formwork with coated frame and integrated plate supports ergonomic forming. The system is designed for floors up to 25 cm thick and floor heights up to 3.30 m.


Safe working conditions
as a result of optimised system properties 

  • because panels can be safely set up from ground level
  • integrated form-facing makes the panels easy to dismantle
  • infill zones with openings up to 13 cm are safely and quickly closed with the double alu beam tec-2
  • built-in anti-liftout guard for working safely
  • high-level workplace safety thanks to compatibility with the Edge pro­tection system XP

Ergonomic work environment
due to minimal system weight 

  • reduced system weight per square metre ensures high efficiency for forming and stripping
  • minor work-strain as the maximum weight to be lifted by any worker is 17 kg
  • back-friendly working with panels that are easily tilted up from ground-level
  • very limited amount of work performed above shoulder-level during forming and stripping

Rapid construction progress
thanks to reduced set-up and take-down times 

  • high forming rate thanks to 2 m² large panels
  • fast formwork set-up as hardly any crane-time is needed
  • efficient solutions for infill zones deliver time-savings


Dokadek panels

The galvanised, yellow coated steel frame of the panel with formwork sheet is long-lived and permits many reuse cycles. The panels are available in sizes 1.00 x 2.00 m and 0.66 x 2.00 m.

Dokadek support head

The standard head for holding the panels firmly. The integral anti-liftout guard prevents any of the panels accidentally falling off, and makes extra precautions (such as wind bracing) unneccessary.

Floor prop Eurex top

Floor prop with impact protector

  • durable, due to impact protector
  • easy-to-turn adjusting nut, thanks to special thread geometry
  • less physical effort needed because the prop is lightweight
  • operational safety achieved by consistently high load capacity of at least 20 and/or 30 kN in accordance with EN 1065 – Class D/E


Easy, back-friendly working from ground-level

The working posture is usually upright – with Dokadek 20 frequent bending down and inserting panels from above are a thing of the past. Even the panels are stripped without laddering, strenuous overhead work is reduced to a minimum.

Pre-defined assembly sequence

The clearly defined assembly sequence prevents the crew from attempting dangerous improvisations and ensures a consistently high safety level – even when semi-skilled labour is deployed. With Dokadek 20 there is no need to dimension the system in advance thanks to the number of props and the way they are arranged.

Closing infill zones is easy with the double alu-beam tec-2

Infill zones with openings up to 13 cm are safely and quickly closed with the double alu-beam tec-2.

Railings from the Doka edge pro­tection system XP

Dokadek 20 is fully compatible with the Doka edge protection system XP. This brings an added dimension of safety.