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Dokaflex 30 tec

The timber-beam slab formwork system that minimises costs-per-use

Dokaflex 30 tec is a hand-set formwork system for floor-slabs that scores for its low costs-per-use. Used as a primary, the high-load I tec 20 formwork beam allows the props to be spaced much further apart. As less equipment is used for the same area of formwork, the system takes 15 percent less time to set up, and the equipment and logistics costs are also lower.


Labour-cost savings
from accelerated workflows 

reduces the work needed for erection and dismantling with

  • up to ⅓ fewer floor props because they can be spaced further apart
  • erecting and dismantling operations require far fewer individual parts to be moved

Cuts equipment- and freight costs
as less equipment needs to be commissioned for any given area to be formed 

With its 80 percent higher load-bearing capacity and its proven end-reinforcements, the Beam I tec 20 means

  • reduced storage and transport volumes
  • lower close-out costs
  • longer service life

All-round usability
thanks to perfect interplay within the system 

no need to change systems during construction, as it

  • adapts flexibly to any layout and floor thickness
  • allows easy forming of downstand beams, floor extensions and filigree slabs
  • safely combined with Doka load-bearing towers for greater floor heights
  • unlimited form-facing options in terms of format and type of sheet
  • easy and safe forming thanks to beam flange markings spaced 50 cm apart
  • secondary beam stabiliser keeps secondary beams from tipping over


Composite formwork beam I tec 20

The high-performance beam that saves on quantities

  • reduces the amount of equipment needed, thanks to its 80 percent higher load-bearing capacity
  • compatible with all Doka systems, as beams have same overall height and width as H20 beams
  • reduced close-out costs from tried-and-tested 'top' beam-end reinforcements and plastic sheet on top and bottom of flange

Beam H20 top

Up to 3 times the lifespan, thanks to built-in shock absorber

  • effective protection against moisture and UV radiation, as beam-ends are sealed around web
  • fast, safe formwork set-up by referring to markings on the flanges
  • unmistakably identifiable, thanks to labelling option

Formwork sheet 3-SO

  • first-rate concrete results through choice timber and superior surface treatment
  • minimal deformation and reduced cleaning costs through continuous edge strip
  • long lifespan thanks to specially aligned face-ply and high dimensional stability
  • low cost due to high reuse numbers
  • clearly recognizable thanks to labelling option

Floor prop Eurex top

Floor prop with impact protector

  • durable, due to impact protector
  • easy-to-turn adjusting nut, thanks to special thread geometry
  • less physical effort needed because the prop is lightweight
  • operational safety achieved by consistently high load capacity of at least 20 and/or 30 kN in accordance with EN 1065 – Class D/E


Speeds up workflows

The wide spaces left between the floor props, and the fact that far fewer system components are needed, make for fast workflows. Flexible adaptation to any layout, and to slab thicknesses of up to 50 cm, is solved within the system. Free choice of form-facing permits any specified concrete finish.

Combining with the Load-bearing tower Staxo 40

Dokaflex 30 tec is ideal for combining with the Load-bearing tower Staxo 40. Even larger slab thicknesses can be formed in this case with a single primary beam.

Easy to set up

The site crew benefits from the system's being so easy to handle. The clear visual differentiation between I tec 20 and H20 beams not only prevents any mix-ups, but also lessens search-times. The Wheel-around scaffold DF can also be used to assist with formwork set-up.

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