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Load-bearing tower d3

The high-performing and especially cost-effective shoring system for a wide range of applications

Load-bearing tower d3 scores for its high load capacity, set-up speed and its broad spectrum of application such as bridge-building, highrise and industrial construction.


Rapid working
made possible by easy handling 

  • thanks to lightweight components
  • easy to assemble with fewer separate components
  • rapidly set up by assembling in either the horizontal or the upright
  • no tools needed for assembly
  • simplified repositioning process thanks to variety of options

Highly versatile
with its modular system concept 

easily adapted to wide range of shoring tasks because

  • the inter-frame spacing can be adapted to the load capacity
  • precisely adapted to any length, width and height
  • easily combined with all Doka Floor Systems

thanks to less equipment 

  • high load capacity up to 94 kN per leg, due to the increased material strength of the d3 frame
  • great flexibility makes for adaptability to project-specific requirements
  • high-level stability with its 1.52 m wide frame
  • hot-dip galvanized steel parts ensure a long lifespan



d3 frame

  • hot-dip galvanized steel frames available in 0.90 m, 1.20 m, and 1.80 m height for simple height adaptation
  • the built-in stop-ring of the d3 coupler prevents slippage into frame
  • safety catches for fast and safe diagonal cross assembly

Diagonal crosses

  • simple and fast assembly with permanently connected diagonal braces
  • different lengths permit flexible inter-frame spacing for cost-optimising the load capacity
  • clear identification of lengths through coloured clips and imprint
  • available for inter-frame spacing of 60 cm, 100 cm, 150 cm, 175 cm, 200 cm, 250 cm and 300 cm for any frame height

Screw jack head and foot

  • height adjustment exact to the millimetre
  • practice-oriented spindle nut with option for connecting anti-liftout guard
  • released with minimal physical effort, even when under load
  • different screw-jack heads and feet for different options for use

Heavy-duty screw jack

  • flexibly adapted to different heights
  • screw-jack extension length up to 2 m per load-bearing tower permits optimum adaptation to changes in the level of the support base, to downstand beams and to sloping floors


Fast and safe assembly

  • logical and easy assembly sequence
  • assembly on the flat for maximum speed and safety
  • simple and fast assembly and repositioning by crane

  • the built-in stop-ring of the d3 coupler prevents slippage into frame and permits quickly setting up in the upright

Simple and fast repositioning

  • no dismantling required for repositioning
  • repositioned by crane, forklift truck etc.
  • manual repositioning with attachable wheelsets

Areas of use

The Load-bearing tower d3 is ideal:

  • as falsework for bridge-building and tunnelling, where high loads are generated and high structural integrity is essential
  • in industrial and power-station construction, as a load-bearing tower for any application
  • as well as in building construction, e.g. for multi-storey car-park decks, schools, hospitals and shopping centres and where large-area tableform units reduce forming times