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Doka UniKit

The versatile, cost-saving shoring system for heavy loads

Doka UniKit, the thoroughly thought out modular system for ease of producing shoring in spaces that require extra-high-capacity equipment. It allows for a variety of uses where heavy loads have to be transferred such as for infrastructure and power station construction.



a system for any requirements 

  • multi-functional use thanks to the modular system's versatility
  • easily adapted to many differently shaped structures because of modular system grid
  • straight-forward solutions on-site with multi-functional parts


ready to use quickly easily 

  • simple, easy-to-understand and safe set-up with only three basic components: U-sections, splice plates and struts
  • can be pre-assembled manually as the individual parts are lightweight
  • significantly reduced coordination effort thanks to all-in-one solution with "formwork and supporting structure" from a single supplier
  • easily and quickly assembled because of less variety in connection types


available to rent and low costs per use 

  • lower investment costs since a large number of standard components can be rented
  • less crane-time thanks to pre-assembly option
  • compact transport volume reduces logistics costs
  • sustainable investment as it can be used in a wide range of situations

Doka UniKit are composed of three basic elements: U-sections, splice plates and struts. Safe, manual on-ground pre-assembly for use as trusses.