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Edge pro­tection system XP

The fall-arrest system for formwork and structure shell

This system is the universal safety solution for all edge pro­tection needs. It fits in ideally with Doka systems – be they wall or floor-slab formwork – for safeguarding slab-edges or as fall-arrest barriers on the structure shell.


All-in-one system for fall pro­tection
on both formwork and structure shell 


  • with only one type of upright for all types of sideguards
  • for formwork, stairways and structure edges
  • thanks to its different connectors covering all applications

Quick and easy to erect
with easy-click function for higher productivity 

Ergonomically engineered

  • with a logical set-up procedure that makes the system quick and self-explanatory to use
  • for easy handling
  • thanks to sturdy lightweight construction
  • with captively integrated parts, which also cuts costs

Revolutionary bottom-fixed height extenders for the uprights
grating heights of up to 1.80 m are possible with 20 percent fewer uprights 

This ingenious system

  • provides full safety up to 1.20 m, with only one upright
  • can be extended to 1.80 m simply by adding a specially developed bottom-fixed height extender for the upright
  • covers all applications perfectly with just two types of upright, obviating the need to keep many different types available onsite

Tested safety
to purchase or rent 

Rent it to get experience with it, and purchase as needed

  • hot-dip galvanised and extremely sturdy
  • EN 13374-compliant equipment bearing the GS Mark
  • detailed User Information booklet
  • dimensioning diagrams including wind-loads



Handrail post XP 1.20m

The Handrail post XP 1.20m features 'use-anywhere' versatility, covering all types of edge protection. Either protective gratings, wooden planks, scaffold tubes or gap-free boarding can be used as the safety barriers.

Easy-Click function

The Easy-Click function makes it quick and easy to mount and dismount the Handrail post XP 1.20m without tools, and locks automatically to prevent accidental lift-out.

Tested safety

The edge protection system is EN 13374 compliant, as certified by a GS Mark awarded by an external institute. Detailed User Information booklets and dimensioning diagrams, including wind-loads, are available.

Protective grating XP

The integral hollow frame gives the hot-dip galvanised Protective grating XP great stability and a long lifespan. The integral toeboard and the handles make for safety and flexibility, particularly when work is being carried out at slab-edges and on facades.

Bottom-fixed height extenders for the uprights, for grating heights of up to 1.80 m

The system can be extended to a grating height of 1.80 m simply by adding specially developed bottom-fixed height extenders for the uprights. The distances between the uprights do not need to be narrowed for this.

A third less storage and transport volume

The design of the system makes for very simple and space-saving warehouse and site logistics. The system is compact to transport and easy to handle.

Individualised advertising vehicle

The Protective grating XP is available with the customer's logo and corporate colour on request, turning it into a high-visibility advertising vehicle on the site.

(A) Your logo could appear here.

Connector components

The system is rounded off by practical connectors to meet the requirements of any situation – concrete floor-slabs, balconies, sheeting walls, stairways, bridge superstructures, wall and floor formwork or platforms.


Edge pro­tection system XP on the formwork

  • all spacings and lengths of grating are sized to fit Doka formwork systems, and are statically optimised
  • after every forming cycle, the component geometry may mean that different requirements need to be met: XP is easy to adapt
  • fluid transition from flexible deployment on the formwork to long-term use on the structure shell

Safeguarding slab-edges and platforms

The connector component used for safeguarding exposed slab edges or the narrowsides of platforms is the Railing clamp XP 40cm. The constructional design of the clamp ensures that the toeboard is held flush with the slab or the formwork, so that no small items can fall off. For bridge superstructures, a version is available with a clamping range of 2 cm to 85 cm.

Flat roofs and parapets

Fall-arrest barriers for e.g. guttering and other rooftop work can also be put up on flat roofs and parapets using Floor end-shutter clamps and Handrail-posts XP 1.20m.

Using on wall formwork

The Framax adapter XP is used to mount the side railings to the opposing formwork. The advantage of this solution is that the side railings can be attached to the formwork while it is still flat on the ground, and will stay permanently fixed to the formwork both while it is being repositioned and when it is in the cleaning position (with the form-ply facing upwards). During pouring, the railings can be tilted backwards by 15 degrees.

Using on Dokaflex tables

The Dokamatic adapter XP is used to attach a Handrail post XP to a Dokamatic table. The adapter is suitable for all sizes of table and has an integral lowering function.

Edge pro­tection system XP on the structure shell

  • optimised connector components for both building-construction and civil-engineering applications
  • easy to adapt, thanks to wide distances between uprights
  • protective gratings can easily be raised for mounting the exterior facade
  • the protective gratings are easy to remove, e.g. before equipment is transported
  • easy, liftout-proof floor anchorages using Screw sleeve 20.0, for pressing into soft concrete

Safeguarding exposed slab edges

The Screw-on shoe XP and Screw sleeve 20.0 are pressed into the still-fresh concrete, meaning that the floor-slab is readied for the Edge protection system XP as part of the concreting operation.


The Step bracket XP is fixed to the end face of the stairway and allows the tiles or flagstones which are being laid on the steps to project out by as much as 4 cm.

Fixing to concrete floor-slabs

Used in conjunction with the Express anchor 16x125mm, the Handrail-post shoe XP makes it possible to retrofit the side railings.

Demarcation fence

When combined with standard fence-feet baseblocks, the Edge protection system XP can also be used to demarcate different working areas within a jobsite.

Safety on parapets

The Parapet adapter XP is connected to the Railing clamp XP 40cm or the Railing clamp XP 85cm; together with the Handrail post XP 0.60m, it then provides optimum edge protection on parapets.

Pro­tection at load-bearing masonry walls

The Protective grating holder XP is used for securing Protective gratings XP of all types to masonry walls of sufficient load-bearing strength (e.g. as fall protection in front of doorway openings, shafts, balconies, etc.).

Safety barriers on sheeting walls

Sheet pile adapter XP is used in combination with Protective grating XP, scaffold tubes or guard-rail boards for erecting safety barriers on sheeting walls.

Doka personal fall-arrest set

With the Doka personal fall-arrest set you can protect your crew in situations where guardrail systems such as side handrail clamping units or personal fall-arrest sets are not feasible. Introductory training required.