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Bracket platform M

The lightweight, site-ready working platform, pro­tection platform and sloping-rooftop fall barrier

The Bracket platform M is a site-ready, lightweight working and pro­tection platform that gives a big boost to safety in the field of masonry and pre-cast construction. The winner of an EU award, the Bracket platform M complies with both EN 12811-1 (for use as a working platform), and DIN 4420 (for use as a pro­tection platform).


Tested safety
for reliable pro­tection 

Put the advantages of this EN 12811-1 certified Service and Working Scaffold to work for you

  • high load-bearing capacity (max. 300 kg/m²) yet low dead weight
  • safe platform workdeck, as the crane-hoisting points can be lowered out of the way
  • safe corner transitions, thanks to Corner platform decking M
  • winner of Safety Award from the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work

Fast, safe working
thanks to easy handling 

Reduced labour and crane times, thanks to

  • pre-assembled units built from a small number of rugged system components
  • ready for use straight away, after a very few quick and easy actions
  • quick-connection feature for joining the bracket to the decking

thanks to standardised system solutions 

Depending on your needs, you can use these site-ready, lightweight platforms as

  • working platforms
  • pro­tection platforms
  • or as sloping-rooftop fall barriers

Outstanding cost-efficiency
on your project 

Achieves cost-optimisation by

  • having a long lifespan
  • not taking up much storage and transport space (over 200 lin.m of platforms fit in one truck trailer)


The Bracket platform M in detail

  • platform length 3.00 m
  • high load-bearing capacity of up to 300 kg/m²
  • quick-connection feature for joining the bracket to the decking
  • bracket weighs only 32 kg
  • long service life thanks to its sturdy design, varnished floor planking and galvanised steel construction
  • captive connectors
  • platform height can quickly be raised by 1.00 m

Suspension points

The wide (2.50 m) centre-distance between the brackets means that fewer suspension points are needed. The 3.00 m long platforms can be combined in any way desired, or used on their own for bridging gaps.

Corner platform decking M

The Corner platform decking M provides a safe corner transition. The whole unit can be quickly repositioned in just one crane cycle.

Corner platform decking M as outside corner

This corner solution is a quick and safe way to make outside corners.

Suspension methods

The Doka Suspension loop ES, for loop-type suspension points, complies with the rules of Load Class 4 to EN 12811-1 and DIN 4420.

Bridging openings

The Platform decking M 3.00m can also be used for bridging openings and for closures, without having to be modified first.

Platform extension

The Universal handrail lengthening piece M extends the operational range of the Bracket platform M so that it provides uninterrupted safety as a rooftop fall barrier.

Converting for use on pre-cast hollow walls

The Precast member head M makes it easy to convert the Bracket platform M into a pouring platform for pre-cast hollow-wall members.


Easy to handle

The Bracket platform M cuts costs by being ready for operation in only a few simple steps: Tilt up the railings – fix the bracket – hang the platform into place – that's it.

Areas of use

Working platform

Used as a working platform, e.g. on walls, the Bracket platform M makes for safe working thanks to its spacious width and close-meshed lattice railings.

Pro­tection platform

DIN 4420 and ÖNORM B 4007 compliant protection platform. The Doka bracket platform M puts an end to the time-consuming and risky business of improvising protection platforms from separate brackets and planks.

Sloping-rooftop fall barrier

Combined with safety nets (mesh aperture max. 100 mm) and Universal handrail lengthening pieces M, the Bracket platform M can be used as a dependable sloping-rooftop fall barrier.

Fall-barrier safety scaffold

The Bracket platform M has a second drop-in rod on each bracket which enables it to be placed 1.00 m higher, e.g. to comply with regulations regarding the maximum drop distance to protection platforms.

Corner platform decking M used as outside and inside corners

The Corner platform decking M is designed so that it can also be used as outside as well as inside corners. The whole unit can be repositioned in a single crane cycle. This makes it possible to arrange platform layouts very quickly, even in corner zones. For the inside corner the two platform brackets are mounted in parallel with one another.

Platform transport fork K/M plus

The safe way of mounting and relocating the platform under roof-overhangs.


The planking units and platforms are stored and transported separately. This greatly reduces the transport volume and makes such good use of the loading area that 200 lin.m of platforms will fit inside one truck trailer.