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Circular formwork H20

The practical circular formwork for exact curves

Circular formwork H20 is a practical circular formwork system that delivers smooth, curved walls from radii of 3.50 m upward – steplessly.


Highly cost-efficient
right from the very first time of use 

The system reduces the rental and wage costs at your site because

  • it only needs a small number of form-ties – just one form-tie per 1.50 m²
  • only small commissioning quantities are needed, as it adapts effortlessly to any layout
  • the system elements are pre-assembled and are readied for use simply by setting the desired radius with the adjusting spindles

Radii can be continuously adjusted
simply by turning spindles 

Circular formwork H20 stands out for great flexibility, thanks to its

  • practical height grid
  • exact curves from a radius of 3.50 m upward
  • flexible, heavy-duty Dokaplex 21 mm form-ply

Rapid working
and ease of handling 

Efficient construction workflow, as

  • there is only one connecting device (Adjustable clamp 10cm)
  • it can easily be combined with Framax Xlife, Alu-Framax Xlife and Column formwork RS
  • setting the radii is easy – simply by turning spindles
  • radii are easy to check, using flexible templates

The practical height grid and the systematic spacing of the form-ties make it possible to form widely differing height-combinations quickly and easily.



Exactly adjustable

The circular formwork elements are easy to adjust – steplessly – with reference to a flexible template.

Easy to combine

A special end-profile makes it easy to connect the system to other Doka formwork systems such as Framed formwork Framax Xlife or Column formwork RS.

Optimum element size-grid

  • only two widths of element (inside element 2.40 m, outside element 2.50 m) for all radii down to 3.50 m
  • practical height grid with five different five heights of element


Radii down to 3.50 m

The site-ready, pre-assembled elements (one each for the inside and outside formwork) can be continuously adjusted with reference to a flexible template, to set radii of down to 3.50 m.

Easy to adapt

Circular formwork H20 is easy to adapt to different radii, simply by turning the spindles – for a smooth construction workflow.

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