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Wall formwork FF20

The site-ready timber-beam formwork with a system-grid and no frame imprints

With its practical element size-grid, rapid stackability and slippage-free inter-element connections, FF20 is the right choice for many projects where stricter requirements are made regarding the concrete finish.


Delivered to your site ready for use
in pre-assembled standard elements 

  • fast forming, even when tough specifications are made regarding the concrete finish, by combining the advantages of timber-beam formwork with the grid-related advantages of a framed formwork system
  • adapts easily to any structure, thanks to its practical element size-grid
  • can be rented, so is also economical for small numbers of repeat uses
  • project-specific adaptation possible, as it can be faced with any type of form-ply

Maximised utilisation of equipment
as there are only a few different element widths 

  • 25 cm increment grid simplifies planning, forming operations and logistics on the site
  • lowers commissioning quantities and rental costs because of its easy adaptability

Rapid forming
thanks to its practical inter-element connections 

  • quick and safe vertical stacking facilitated by integral centring stacking flange
  • crane-handling-safe, tight, slippage-free gangs achieved by special FF20 formwork element connector

Comprehensive workplace safety
with compatible ladderways and working platforms 

  • safe vertical access with the Ladder system XS
  • workplace safety on all sides with the Platform system Xsafe plus
  • practical accessories – such as panel struts, lifting/repositioning devices etc. – make for safe, easy handling of the formwork

An optimal concrete result was achieved for the new construction of the G3 Shopping Resort Gerasdorf shopping centre thanks to Wall formwork FF20.


The FF20 elements

  • ingeniously co-ordinated panel formats, for getting maximum utilisation from the formwork
  • 25 cm grid, with only four widths and three heights of element, simplifies planning, forming operations and logistics on the site
  • accessories can be easily attached to the transverse walings across the entire width of the element – with no obligatory fixing points
  • faced as standard with three-ply sheets; custom form-facing is possible whenever needed

Height grid

FF20 standard elements can be used in conjunction with stacking elements to obtain practical formwork heights of up to 6.50 m. The 2.75 m high elements are symmetrical and can also be used upside-down.


Vertical stacking / inter-element connections

The Fastening bolt FF20, with a star grip nut, centres and connects the vertically stacked elements in a slippage-free manner. A turn-lock makes it easier to screw on the star grip nut.

The Formwork element connector FF20/50 Z makes light work of pulling the ready-assembled FF20 elements together tightly to make an absolutely crane-handling-safe, non-slip join.

The pre-assembled elements are linked together in a 25 cm grid, permitting optimum adaptation to the structure.


Right-angled corners are also easy to form using the modular elements, even with different wall thicknesses of up to 60 cm.

FF20 hinged corners provide professional solutions for acute and obtuse-angled corners.

Wall formwork FF20 is also ideal for wall pillars.

FF20 can also be dimensioned for use in the horizontal – for casting floor-slabs and walls in a single pour, in fair-faced concrete quality.