Gateway Gardens rapid-transit light-rail link

Frankfurt a.M., Germany

Gateway Gardens, formerly a residential complex for the US military, is now Frankfurt am Main’s newest municipal district, very close to the city’s international airport. The new district will be serviced by the city’s light-rail network. It will have its own station and part of the project is the construction of a nearly 2 kilometres long two track rail tunnel. Two tunnel-roof travellers from the Tunnel system DokaCC and a Tunnel formwork traveller SL-1 were part of the equipment supplied by Doka for the cut-and-cover tunnel in the Lot 2 section of the project.


  • fair-faced concrete in the vaulted-roof zone
  • tight schedule for complex construction project with differing structural dimensions and slab thicknesses up to 1.5 m
  • extra-high environmental protection requirements - the construction site is in a groundwater protection zone.

Project solution:

  • cost-effective combination of Heavy-duty supporting system SL-1 and SL-1 LW as forming traveller for the vaulted roof of the station, and 2 Forming travellers DokaCC for the typical cross-section of the tunnel
  • the drive is electric, ensuring easy repositioning of the forming travellers
  • hydraulic system specially configured to operate with biodegradable hydraulic oil
  • ingenious overall solution enables speedy progress on all levels and in all situations of the typical cycle
  • process, scheduling and cost certainty ensured by professional project management and complete assembly by the experienced team from Doka Germany’s Preassembly on site service

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Project data

Construction time
Project owner
DB Netz AG
Construction work by
Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG
Type of structure:
cut-and-cover, partially monolithic Formed tunnel length:
210 m
Vault-forming traveller:
Clear width: 19.4 m,
Clear height: 8.7 m
Tunnel-roof traveller:
Clear width: 11.0 - 12.2 m
Clear height: 7 m