Zentrum am Berg

Leoben, Austria

Zentrum am Berg-Leoben Österreich

Research, development and training underground

The research infrastructure of the University of Leoben on the Styrian Erzberg is unique in Europe. In the "Zentrum am Berg" everything revolves around the construction and operation of underground facilities. The facility is used for research and development purposes, tests and practice operations - and all this under real conditions.

The "Zentrum am Berg" consists of two parallel road tunnels, two parallel railroad tunnels and a test gallery. To efficiently construct the two different cross-sections (railroad tunnel - clear width = 7.52 m / clear height = 7.19 m and road tunnel - clear width = 10.21 m / clear height = 8.22 m), the construction company Swietelsky Tunnelbau GmbH & Co. KG used a formwork concept that had been worked out with the experienced Doka technicians. The supporting construction was designed in a way that it can be used for both the railroad tunnel and the road tunnel with just a few modifications. The shaping formwork was produced using Large-area formwork Top 50. Due to the different inner radii (railroad tunnel = 4.84 m and road tunnel = 6.82 m), the elements were specially manufactured for both cross-sections. To keep the work on the site as low as possible, all the large-area formwork elements and the Heavy-duty supporting system SL-1 (in transportable units) were pre-assembled by the Doka Ready-to-Use Service St. Martin and delivered to the site. Construction of the railroad tunnel got underway.

Railroad tunnel
  • It took the experienced site crew and the Doka Formwork Instructor only five days to assemble the formwork traveller before the first concreting work began.
  • The 150 m long tunnel was then built in 13 casting sections - in a record time of 16 days.

Road tunnel - facing formwork
  • The concreting of the 146 m long road tunnel was similarly fast: also 16 days, but this time for 12 casting sections.
  • Prior to this, the formwork tunnel from the railroad tunnel was converted and equipped with new Top 50 elements.

Road tunnel - intermediate slab
  • All good things come in 2nd place in this case: the formwork tunnel was adapted once again for the 146 m long intermediate slab in the road tunnel and fitted with new elements.
  • After a total of 12 concreting sections, this part was also completed.

  • Formwork should fit for three operations - as little modification work as possible
  • Delivery situation and free capacities for planning and production due to the high order volume.
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Project data

Year of completion
Zip/Postal Code
Swietelsky tunnel construction GmbH & Co. KG

Building data

Construction method
between 6 and 12 m
Installed concrete
approx. 45.000 m³

Systems used

Top 50

Services used

Formwork Instructors