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Display Tipos Piecelist Editor

Piecelist Editor

Za brzo i jednostavno uređivanje popisa dijelova kod planiranja oplate

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Display Tipos Beam Statics

Beam Statics

Za brzu i jednostavnu kalkulaciju kontinuiranih nosača
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Country versions

  • DE
  • FR
  • IT
  • ES
  • GB
  • US

Minimum system requirements

  • 64-bitni operacijski sustav: Windows 10
  • CPU: Quad-Core 2,6 GHz
  • 16 GB RAM (preporučeno 32 GB RAM)
  • 30 GB slobodnog memorijskog prostora na tvrdom disku (preporučuje se SSD pogonska jedinica)
  • Grafička kartica sa 1680 x 1050 piksela, Pixel Shader 3.0

Frequently asked questions

How do I update my version?

Updates are available for download in the Installer. They can be installed without intermediate steps as necessary. We recommend keeping the programme versions always up to date.

Where can I get help if I have a problem?

You can email questions about installation and authorisation to For questions about how to use the programme, please use the built-in Help function. For questions regarding formwork technology and individual training offerings, please contact the Applications Engineering dept. at your nearest Doka branch.

What file formats can Piecelist Editor und Beam Statics handle?

They save the data in proprietary formats. They can read the data of the current version and previous versions. This applies to max. two version levels before the current version.

Do I need special knowledge to use Piecelist Editor and Beam Statics?

Piecelist Editor is used to create piecelists for Doka formwork. Beam Statics is used to calculate continuous load-bearing beams. These are easy to use Windows programmes. The user interface makes use of terms that are common in the construction and formwork technology fields, so it is obviously an advantage to have technical knowledge in these areas. The same goes for basic skills in Microsoft Windows.

You can call up a Help box for every dialogue.

Why are there no article prices in Piecelist Editor?

Item prices are subject to change and depend on the country and currency. In addition, rental offers, for example, will depend on additional factors such as the length of the rental. To get an offer for a project that you have planned with Piecelist Editor, please contact your nearest Doka branch. Piecelist Editor project files can be read in electronically at all Doka branches as the basis for an offer.

How does authorisation work?

  • Download the Installer
  • Start the programme and step through the login procedure
  • After successful registration, the programmes are available for download and enabled

How long will I continue to receive support for version 8?

Support for version 8 was discontinued on December 31, 2018.