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About Lubeca

Lubeca is a formwork technology company that specialises in the provision of high performing self-climbing high-rise formwork solutions. Lubeca helps its clients to build tall, smart and safe by customizing formwork designs and solutions to fit individual building’s requirements.

Lubeca offers the patented high-performing Lubeca Jumpform system to build concrete cores for high-rise building projects in an efficient, fast and safe approach.

With experts in Melbourne, Dubai and Mumbai, Lubeca has an international reach. The Lubeca Jumpform has a proven track record in various high-rise projects throughout the Middle East and Asia and the Pacific. Major projects have been successfully delivered in the UAE, India, Singapore and Australia where it is the system of choice for international construction companies.

As a company of the Doka Group, Lubeca can offer additional services by relying on the innovative formwork expertise of Doka worldwide.

Jump smart. Jump safe.
Jump Lubeca.

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Lubeca Jump Form System


The Lubeca Jumpform is a high performance self-climbing platform used in the construction of concrete cores of high-rise buildings that secures fast, efficient and safe building progress utilised by all trades.

Fast system operation
The entire platform is lifted hydraulically in only a few operational steps at the push of a button. For the repositioning procedure, long stroke heavy duty hydraulic rams are used, which allow for the system to climb from floor to floor in a continuous process to achieve fast progress.

Efficient building progress
Our system incorporates a unique three-way adjustment system for its wallform panels that assures greater accuracy of formwork adjustment. The system has jacking beams supported by concrete that has already set in a previous pour, allowing the structure to be lifted the day after pouring and the core to cycle independently from the slabs.

The powerful hydraulic rams secure an efficient use of cranage as the platform can also transport high payloads, including equipment containers and concrete placing booms, during climbing. The top deck is free of jacking masts and other mechanical obstacles, which protects all operational equipment from concrete spills and possibility of crane damage.

Section through a typical system showing main working platforms and structure of the Jumpform system. Trailing platforms for maintenance and access also shown.

Enabling safe construction works
The system is fully enclosed, which prevents the hazard of falling objects from locations opened up during repositioning. Additionally, the hydraulic safety features in use include a complete backup system and non-return ratchet locks and valves on each ram to assure safe climbing.

Isometric of placing boom support structure attached to the Jumpform system. Placing boom climbs with the system, but is supported on its own structural frame during use.

Designed to perfectly align trades
Rolling or lowered shutters allow a parallel access for placement of steel reinforcement, penetrations and built-in items to further increase building efficiency. The Jumpform design provides for concreters, steel fixers, lift installers, electricians, plumbers, mechanical services and patching operations. Additionally the integrated slim-line shutters further increase work area access. Secure trailing platforms can be installed allowing access for trades, such as lift installers, and can be used as a secondary means of entry and egress.

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