Local presence – worldwide

Giving construction firms professional advice and support 'on the spot' is a core competence of Doka's. With 180 sales and logistics facilities in 58 countries, Doka has a highly efficient distribution network to ensure that equipment and technical support can be provided swiftly and professionally – no matter how big and complex the project.

Executive Board

Robert Hauser



East Asia Pacific, Middle East Africa, North America / Latin America

Communication, Form-on,
Human Resources, Strategy & Innovation

Hubert Mattersdorfer

Dr. Hubert Mattersdorfer



Corporate Engineering, Operations, Sales & Pricing, Supply Chain

Gerd Pechura



Business Process Automation, Controlling, Finance, IT, Legal & Compliance, Management System, Procurement

Executive Vice Presidents

Alfred Wolfschwenger

Paolo Angelo Zumaglini
North America/Latin America, Key Accounts & Project Solutions

Pat Gorham
East Asia Pacific

Vice Presidents

Alf Behnke
Supply Chain

Sebastian Dorda
Strategy & Innovation

Kurt König
Human Resources Global

Werner Pfleger

Axel Wieland
IT & Digitalization

Jochen Köhler
Corporate Engineering

Doka distribution network

Doka locations worldwide


Austria, Germany, Switzerland

Dr. Hubert Mattersdorfer

Ireland, United Kingdom

Alfred Wolfschwenger

Europe Region 1

Christoph Haring

Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Georgia

Europe Region 2

Claus Brun

Belgium, France, Greece, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain

Europe Region 3

Klaus Vomela​

Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Norway, Serbia, Sweden, Israel

North America/Latin America

North America

Paolo Zumaglini

Canada, USA

Latin America

Michael Schmitz

Chile, Colombia, Mexiko, Panama, Peru

East Asia Pacific

Pat Gorham

Doka India, Doka Malaysia,
MFE HQ Malaysia, MFE India

Stefan Schedel

Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore

Middle East Africa

Ralf Bürger

Egypt, Gulf, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Türkiye, JV China