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Doka Webinar Raffle

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Doka Middle East & Africa and Doka Asia Pacific are organising a prize raffle to give participants who fully participate in the below mentioned webinar a chance to win a two week, free Concremote trial.

Webinar participants of the ‘Concremote: Concrete efficiency at the touch of a button’ webinar on 1st July 2021 at 11am Dubai time and 3pm Singapore time will automatically enter a draw to win a two week, free Concremote trial.

The prize raffle is subject to the conditions set out below:

  1. Eligible persons to enter the prize raffle: eligibility to enter the prize raffle is restricted to persons of 18 years and older who have fully completed the webinar registration until 30 June 2021 and have participated in the webinar on 01.07.2021. Each person can enter the contest only once and only under his/her name. The prize raffle is free of charge and voluntary.

  2. Employees of Umdasch Group and its subsidiaries Doka, Umdasch Group Ventures and Umdasch Store Makers are excluded from entering this prize raffle.

  3. By fulfilling the conditions of entry listed at point 1, participants accept these conditions of entry.

  4. The prize raffle starts on 02.06.2021 and ends on 30.06.2021. Entry is free of charge, voluntary, and without any obligation to participate.

  5. Substitution of cash payments for prize are excluded and right to the prize is not transferrable.

  6. The winner will be selected randomly and will be contacted via email or phone by 15.07.2021. All participants who fulfill the entry requirements stated at Point 1, will be placed in a lottery pot. The winner will be selected randomly to the exclusion of the public. In case of no response from the winner within 2 weeks of this person’s name being randomly selected, the prize will lapse and a new prize winner will be randomly selected with the above-mentioned method for the prize raffle. The detriment resulting from the stating of incorrect contact details shall be borne entirely by the entrant.

  7. By participation in this trial, you agree to give Doka permission to promote the Concremote trial and results by publishing them for advertising purposes via Doka's website, social media channels and as a press release.

In order for you to participate in the prize raffle, Doka is using following personal data: first name, surname, email and phone number. Your personal data is saved through the course of the prize raffle and will be erased as soon as the prize raffle is over. Your personal data is treated confidentially and is used only by Doka.

Doka reserves the right to exclude persons from the prize raffle in the event of non-compliance with these conditions of entry. The participant confirms that the participant is allowed, according to applicable law and internal compliance guidelines, to accept the price.

Doka reserves its right to change the conditions of the prize raffle or terminate the prize raffle without giving reasons or notice. Lost or damaged parts provided as part of the free trial will be charged. Doka shall not be liable for any material defects or deficiencies in title affecting the prize itself.