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Big Project Middle East Construction and Sustainability Awards of Excellence 2014 (Part 2)

20.11.2014 | News
Doka’s building technology bags Excellence in Building Technology award
Formwork solutions provider Doka was awarded for Excellence in Building Technology at The Big Project ME Awards 2014 in Dubai.

The real-time, in-place concrete maturity sensor system called Concremote, which Doka has been awarded for, allows users to ensure quality control and cost-optimal construction site workflow.

Concremote minimises cycle times and commissioning quantities by helping the site to determine the earliest possible time for formwork removal.

Peter Vogel, director for Doka Group’s Middle East operations said he is proud of the market uptake Concremote has received in the region.

“It feels very good to see our product being recognised for the value it adds to construction operations,” he said.

“Time is money in this industry, and we are convinced that the market here is starting to see value in Concremote’s features,” Vogel added.

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