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Concrete Report 2017 by Big Project Magazine

10.09.2017 | News
Widely recognised as an industry that has failed to keep up with its peers in terms of innovation, construction is one of the major sectors highlighted by organisations including the World Economic Forum that is ‘ripe for and capable of transformation.’
Doka may have always prioritised innovation as a central core of its business, but it wasn’t until 1990 that the Austrian-formwork giant established it’s own research and development facility from its headquarters in Amstetten, thereby providing a physical manifestation for its various new products, systems and ideas. Focusing on a variety of performance metrics, Doka’s R&D engineers used a methodology of listening to feedback from its field around the world in order to understand where practical changes could be made to either enhance safety, increase efficiency or to save its clients money. As a result, the department has yielded a constant stream of innovative products widely used in day-to-day operations including the Frami Xlife system for forming walls, columns and foundations and it’s electric-powered Table Lifting System which enables the vertical repositioning of table forms without the use of a crane.

Other innovations to have been launched by Doka include Concremote – a concrete construction methodology providing concrete intelligence. Concremote combines estimation and scheduling with performance tracking and control with an internet-connected sensor solution that measures the compressive strength gain of fresh concrete. It’s an integrated system providing actual information on concrete performance to support decisions for subsequent construction work.

Most recently Doka Ventures, a sister company of the Doka Group has announced its partnership with Contour Crafting Corporation for the launch of its mobile industrial 3D construction printers, a significant technology which will reduce the construction time of buildings to just days or even hours, helping to meet the increasing demand for socially acceptable accommodation and infrastructure.

Commenting on Doka’s overall approach to innovation, Doka Middle East and Africa’s Director Peter Vogel said, "The construction markets of the Middle East and Africa both have an extensive range of fascinating projects which are well-suited for the latest innovations, and are subsequently helping to advance our industry. Thanks to our dedicated R&D department, we are constantly understanding how our clients interact with our technology, and use this data to make our products and systems more effective."

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