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Pier-to-pier bridges

06.05.2022 | Qatar
As Qatar’s first infrastructure deadline for the FIFA World Cup draws ever closer, all hands are on deck to deliver some of its most luxurious developments, including the serene waterfront hideaway of Gewan Island.


Self-described as an “eclectic mix of recreational, commercial and residential facilities,” that includes private island mansions, shopping and dining districts, Gewan Island will be an example of Qatar’s efforts to develop a luxurious community for both local and international investors, seeking refuge from the hustle and bustle of the capital just a few minutes away.

Covering an area of around 400,000m2, Doka Qatar was brought in to support the development of Infrastructure Works PK-2, a series of suspended bridges that will ultimately connect Gewan to its surrounding areas, with three piers interconnected between the spans. Working closely with Navayuga Engineering, Co WLL, Doka Qatar’s team, which included engineers Vicente Noynay, Joery Villegas and Gerald Pagulayan proposed an innovative solution with strong technical and design calculations which included a formwork concept with special brackets as a main support with lowering wedges for decking level adjustment. This was achieved by using IPE 400 profiles as primary beams coupled with Top 50 panels for decking and sidings.

Commenting on the solution, Vicente Noynay said, “This project was particularly challenging, however, thanks to our experience and the support of our experts, products and systems, we delivered a solution using a methodology of formwork which was both safe and environmentally friendly. By avoiding the requirement for constructing a dry bay to complete the bridge pile cap casting, we were able to keep the project on schedule by keeping the necessary components and required logistics to a minimum.”

Commenting on the project, Akula Satya, Senior Project Manager, Navayuga Engineering commented, “Doka Qatar’s team delivered their proposed solution along with onsite training, which helped to keep things on track. By using a steel bracket as a main support that was then welded to the casing, we were able to minimise the volume of material required, which has helped us to adhere to the proposed schedule of works with ease.”

With works anticipated to be delivered by 30th April 2022, the project is likely to be complete by the time the world’s cameras turn their attention to the peninsula nation as the world prepares for its very first, Middle Eastern-hosted World Cup.

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