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Doka highlights scaffolding capability at Big 5 Qatar

10.10.2023 | Press
Doha, Qatar – 10th October 2023: Doka, one of the world’s leaders in formwork, scaffolding and engineering solutions is showcasing its versatile Ringlock scaffolding system at this year’s Big 5 Construct Qatar event. Centered around its multifaceted Ringlock system, Doka has expanded its offering in recent years to include scaffolding as a value-add to its existing portfolio of formwork and engineering solutions.

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As recently stated by Doka CEO, Robert Hauser, when interviewed about the company’s growing synergies, its complete acquisition of a US-based scaffolding company earlier this year is a perfect example of how Doka’s philosophy of providing a broader range of services under one umbrella is delivering on a growing demand for single-source solutions that adhere to the highest standards. Doka’s reach enables it to provide a wider range of solutions for its construction-based clients and branch into the industrial sector in particular oil & gas.

Doka formed an initial partnership with scaffolding manufacturer AT-PAC in 2020 to deliver comprehensive global construction site solutions for formwork and scaffolding. In 2023, Doka completed the 100% acquisition. Launched in 2022 as the company’s modular scaffolding system, Ringlock has since been tried and tested across the international markets on a variety of mega projects in different climates, where its versatility has proven to be highly effective, regardless of project scope, while remaining fully compliant to the highest standards of safety.

With applications including rebar scaffolding, trench bridge, stair towers, rolling scaffolding, suspended scaffolding, birdcage scaffolding, shoring and façade scaffolding, Ringlock’s most noticeable advantage is its ergonomic design. By requiring only a few components, the system not only keeps installation quantities down but also makes it up to 50 percent faster to assemble when compared to traditional scaffolding systems. Additionally, up to 80 percent of the components can be used for different applications, which comes with further cost benefits. In terms of quality, Ringlock structural components go through a hot-dipped galvanisation process, meaning greater durability, no matter its environment.

Speaking about the focus, Doka Qatar’s Managing Director, Matthew Kretzmann said, "Our strategy on scaffolding is a great fit for the Qatari market. Not only does it support the country’s ongoing development, but also its mature construction and industrial sectors. Doka Qatar’s scaffolding solutions is to prioritise material availability that is fast, durable, and cost-effective for the growing market demand.”

Thanks to its versatile design and sturdy build quality, Doka’s Ringlock solution is used on construction and industrial sites around the world as rebar scaffolding, stair towers, rolling scaffolding, suspended, birdcage, and façade scaffolding, as well as shoring. Ringlock is designed with fewer components, and hot-dip galvanised for greater resilience.

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