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Doka delivers formwork expertise for rail programs

30.10.2014 | Press
Current urban development presents numerous new challenges calling for lasting infrastructure solutions. Especially in the area of public transportation, construction companies are confronted with demanding tasks. With its many years of experience and high-performing systems, Doka serves as a reliable partner when it comes to formwork solutions for infrastructure projects.


  • Qatar is getting it’s first light rail transit network. It will be realised with a solution from Doka. Photo: Doka
  • Cross-section changes and varying structural geometries such as those encountered with the M4 Metro in Budapest can be realised safely using the flexible Load-bearing tower SL-1. Photo: Doka
  • Even architectural demands such as with the Metro expansion in Algeria are realised quickly and safely with high-performing Doka products. Photo: Doka
In many cities this requires far-reaching and sustainable renovation of the existing infrastructure to be embedded into current traffic solutions. With customised services and high-performing products, Doka covers the entire spectrum of up-to-date formwork solutions for tunnel, bridge, station and road construction. Doka customers benefit from years of formwork engineering experience gained while working on various infrastructure projects, such as railway tunnels, station buildings or underground traffic hubs around the world. Due to its special expertise, Doka serves a particularly strong partner for solutions where conventional concepts and systems are no longer adequate. From project development stage through to completion of construction, the range of services offered by Doka formwork engineers is impressive and comprehensive. Customers can benefit from savings in space, time and manpower by using Doka’s formwork pre-assembly and Doka Ready-to-Use Service.

A wide-ranging product portfolio adapted to regional requirements contribute to smooth construction processes and enables Doka customers to fall back on flexible systems that meet their project demands. Above all, this includes a well-conceived logistics concept. Doka makes investments in an extensive network of distribution and logistics sites to be near its customers anywhere in the world. The result is a company able to respond quickly to regional particularities and also demands for material on short notice. In conjunction with the option of system renting, the range offered by Doka provides economical and reliable solutions.

Flexible and complete product lines for complex demands

The Load-bearing Tower system SL-1 is universally suitable for demands presented by tunnels built in accordance with mining practice, the cut & cover method and especially for underground railway stations and long caverns. Regardless of form and load, the modular configuration of SL-1 ensures speedy and economic construction progress. In combination with the flexible Large-area formwork Top 50, this quickly assembled system realises any form. With its new Tunnel formwork DokaCC, Doka developed an innovation especially for the open construction method also known as cut & cover method. DokaCC allows for quick, efficient and safe construction of various traffic tunnels, in particular in the initial approach and gathering area of the underground railway.
When it comes to building station and operational structures, Doka offers a wide range of slab and wall formwork for a variety of applications and project requirements. Doka Supporting construction frames and Large-area formwork Top 50 deliver powerful and yet flexible results with underground structures as well as above-ground stations and operational buildings. Using the integrated heavy-duty wheels, these high-performing supporting construction frames are transported quickly from one pouring section to the next in spite of their height and weight. Framed formwork Framax Xlife is suitable for high walls to accelerate construction processes.

Flexible standard systems such as Staxo 100, Staxo 40 and Doka slab formwork offer interesting system expansions for any shoring tower design. The heavy-duty supporting system is easily adapted to different construction sites. The new Panel floor formwork Dokadek 30 is ideal for building large-scale slabs in station areas quickly and above all easily and economically. The convenient concrete maturity meter Conremote® easily and accurately indicates the optimal time for formwork stripping.

Systematic safety

At Doka, safety considerations start as early as during the product development phase. Use of high-quality material results in long product service life. Integrated working platforms and access systems ensure additional system safety while working. Furthermore, Doka offers extra protection systems such as working platforms or guardrail systems in order to meet individual requirements at the construction site.

Doka – a global presence in construction
For its years of experience in the infrastructure sector, Doka draws on a multitude of projects around the world. In the process, specific customer requirements and regional circumstances are the focal points.

Light Rail in Qatar

Safety and economy are the focus of the project in Lusail City. In addition to high-performing shoring systems, various safety features such as different working platforms, protective scaffolding and access systems are used in the construction of the first rail urban transport in Quatar. Thanks to the durability of Framed formwork Framax Xlife, in combination with the Platform system Xsafe plus, the system was being re-used more than 300 times to build several stations. Rapid material delivery times and Ready-to-Use Service parts ensure that the contractor will remain on schedule until construction is completed in 2018.

Metro in Algeria

In 2011, during the Metro expansion between Hai El Badr and El Harrach in Algeria, Doka provided a timely solution and large material quantities for several station buildings and crossing areas. With its comprehensive services and flexible as well as highly versatile systems such as the Large-area formwork Top 50, Doka supported the rapid and safe construction process for complex architectural requirements. Around 6000 m2 of Top 50 were equipped with Dokaplex and used for fair-faced concrete work as well. Robust Supporting construction frames and D15 as well as D22 Dam formwork ensured safe realisation of the project's particularities such as single-head walls of up to 8.33 m height.

M4-Metro in Hungary

In the course of constructing the new M4 underground railway line in Budapest in 2009, Doka participated in finding solutions and realisation of the most sophisticated construction segments. The job included two areas in need of widening and one connecting tunnel. In order to simplify the construction process, formwork material was utilised efficiently for as many different construction components as possible. Accordingly, the entire length of tunnel walls was created using Supporting construction frames and Large-area formwork Top 50 taking turns at the lead position. Even extreme cross-section changes in slab areas and varying structural geometry in the sections to be widened were realised safely and quickly using the Load-bearing Tower SL-1.

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