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Shifting devices for tables

Fast, safe repositioning with minimal craneage requirements

With Doka shifting devices, slab-forming operations can be accomplished even faster. By making the crane unnecessary for both the horizontal and vertical repositioning operations, they simplify and optimise the logistics for the entire site, by doing away with unproductive (meaning costly) waiting times. The craneage saved here is then available for use elsewhere. This accelerates the entire site workflow, saving on labour costs and boosting the contractors' competitiveness.


Fast construction workflows
with crane-independent solutions 

  • site logistics optimised by reducing the number of cranes and the crane times
  • the self-climbing Table Lifting System lets work proceed completely independently, without crane assistance, at any height

High safety
provided by integral safety features 

  • safe, ergonomically convenient working, as repositioning can be performed from floor-level using the Doka shifting appliances
  • work can continue unrestricted, up to wind speeds as high as 72 km/h, when tables are vertically repositioned with no need for a crane
  • the site crew are protected at all times by the all-round fall-arrest barriers on the Table Lifting System TLS

Cost reductions
from speeded-up construction processes 

  • the tables can be positioned quickly and easily, in a few simple steps
  • table areas of up to 12.5 m² can be repositioned by just one man working on his own
  • craneless vertical repositioning of tableforms up to the next floor in only 20 seconds with the Table Lifting System TLS



DoKart plus

The new DoKart plus is a 'high-performer' whose innovative design perfectly suits it to the rough-and-tumble of everyday work on the site:

  • safe, ergonomically comfortable shifting of Doka tableforms by just one man
  • compact unit with huge manoeuvrability for fast, easy workflows
  • high load capacity of 2000 kg
  • its big wheels, generous ground clearance and solid baseplate make it very rugged and reliable

The DoKart plus is very user-friendly indeed, and provides fast and easy workflows:

  • its ability to move 90° sideways, and to rotate around its centreline, cuts the distances it needs to cover and makes it even easier and quicker to travel the tables
  • work is speeded up still further by the high lifting speed; the tableform is raised 8 cm every second, taking it immediately to the right height for its next time of use.

Doka shifting trolley with attachable drive unit

  • for craneless horizontal repositioning of up to 12.5 m² of formwork, together with accessories, by only one man
  • With the Shifting trolley DF, Doka tableforms can be hydraulically lowered and travelled, swiftly and safely. The clamp-on Attachable drive unit DF allows Doka tableforms to be travelled with minimal effort.

Vertical by crane

Transport fork DM 1.5t (adjustable)

The Transport fork DM 1.5t (adjustable), with a carrying capacity of 1500 kg, is supplied to the site folded closed. The four different fork-width adjustments give the fork the ideal fit for any table format and usage situation. A latch-type anti-slide-off guard enables the jib to be moved in under the table without hindrance, and then provides a high level of safety while the table is being lifted.

Dokamatic lifting strap

The Dokamatic lifting strap 13.00m can be used for hoisting tableform superstructures and ready-to-use tables. The 13 m long strap is designed so that the crew can easily and safely fix it and detach it when working from ground level.

Loading platform

Using the Dokamatic lifting strap, the Dokamatic tables can be quickly lifted off the loading platform and up to the next level.

Vertical without crane

Speeds up the construction cycle

The Table Lifting System TLS saves precious crane time. This frees up the crane for other work, in turn speeding up the whole progress of construction. The TLS also helps to speed up work by making the site independent of the wind conditions. Table repositioning operations can continue unhindered even in windier conditions – and in great safety. The 'DoKart plus' makes it possible for one man to travel the tableforms to and from the TLS, quickly and easily. The interoperable shifting appliances allow efficient use of manpower, and fast construction progress.

Fast repositioning, with no idle times

The Table Lifting System TLS makes possible a non-stop repositioning cycle which accelerates the entire construction sequence:

  • no time is lost waiting for the crane
  • repositioning can continue even in high winds of up to 72 km/h
  • efficient repositioning is possible at the push of a button in automatic operation mode

High safety in every phase of the work

Proven site-hoist technology, with multiple safeguards, provides high safety during repositioning of the Doka tableforms:

  • TLS is installed on the structure by certified Doka Formwork Instructors
  • is firmly anchored to the structure
  • inward-opening landing-level safety gates and safety button on every storey
  • slip-proof, weathering-resistant platform decking for high stability

Tables can be lifted from the first storey upwards

The Table Lifting System TLS can also be stood on the ground, making it possible to start repositioning tables right from the very first storey.

Tables can be lifted on structures of any height

Only a few simple steps are needed to modify the TLS and turn it into a climbing unit that is suspended from the floor-slab. As soon as the TLS is hung into place and fixed, you can start work right away on lifting the Dokamatic tables up to the next floor. In this way, even the tallest buildings can be formed safely and quickly, independently of both wind conditions and crane availability, using Doka tableforms.

Crane-independent raising of the Table Lifting System TLS

As well as the crane-lifted version of the TLS that is suspended from the slab, the TLS can also be used as a self-climbed system for any height of structure. The self-climbing solution delivers even more crane-time savings and safety on the site, as the TLS can now be 'jumped' 100% automatically. The self-climbing TLS is the perfect add-on to Doka tableforms and to protection screens at the slab-edges. This equipment line-up is the ideal slab formwork solution for tall structures.