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Alu Box Beam

The super strong, lightweight aluminium beam

The innovative cross-section of the Alu box beam provides a high load capacity, permitting optimised equipment usage on site.


The integrated nailing insert and continuous T-slot provide a versatile system component that is adaptable to various jobsite requirements.

  • Lightweight primary beam with high load capacity for shoring application
  • Technical optimisation of Dokaflex grid resulting in less floor props required
  • High durability due to superior manufacturing and material quality

High load capacity
achieved by innovative beam cross-section

  • Permitted bending moment: 16.8 kN*
  • Permitted shear force: 27.3 kNm*
  • rigidity E x I: 729 kNm²
  • Weight per linear meter:
    • 6.3 kg w/o nailing insert
    • 7.5 kg with nailing insert
  • Height of beam 17.5 cm

*In accordance with EN1999-1

Long lifespan
thanks to high manufacturing and material quality

  • Very long lifetime due to the robust aluminium cross section
  • Option to integrate a nailing insert made of recycled plastic, allows for easy fixation of plywood

Cut costs
by reducing the number of components needed

  • Up to 1/3 fewer props utilising increased primary beam spacing in Dokaflex system
  • Up to 50% fewer primary beams on top of shoring towers, thanks to a high load capacity
  • Reduction in components leads to optimisation of site logistics and transport costs

Alu box beam without nailing insert

Art. numberDescriptionWeight (kg)
582361000Alu box beam 3.90 m NN24.5
582362000Alu box beam 4.90 m NN30.8
582363000Alu box beam 5.90 m NN37.0

Alu box beam with nailing insert

Art. numberDescriptionWeight (kg)
582358000Alu box beam 3.90 m29.3
582359000Alu box beam 4.90 m36.8
582360000Alu box beam 5.90 m44.3

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