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Formwork sheets

Multi-ply formwork sheets: for smooth concrete faces

Doka multi-ply formwork sheets are used in very many Doka formwork systems. The broad spectrum – ranging from DokaPly to the Xlife sheet – allows Doka to offer ideal solutions for many different requirements and cater for anything from infill zones to fair-faced concrete.


Xlife sheet

Extremely high number of re-use cycles, thanks to special sheet structure 

The high-grade Xlife sheet lowers costs by having a long lifespan, reducing the rework needed on the concrete, and being easy to clean. Its hard-wearing, plastic-enhanced surface makes for uniform concrete faces over a long time of service, with far fewer positive imprints in the concrete.

Xface sheet

The large-format formwork sheet for superlative concrete finishes 

The Xface sheets' great durability against scratching and vibrator damage, and their large sheet formats, deliver a smooth and uniform concrete appearance with only a small number of joints. Their non-absorbent coating and high-grade edge seal mean that no rippling takes place. The hard-wearing fibre-reinforced synthetic resin coating prevents any splintering when the sheets are nailed, stops them fraying when they are cut or drilled, and prevents stains on the surface of the concrete. The excellent release properties of the Xface sheet mean that no release-agent is needed for the sheets' first few re-use cycles, and make cleaning very easy indeed.

Dokaplex formwork sheet

High format and angle accuracy 

Smooth, high-grade concrete surfaces and fast on-site assembly thanks to low tolerances and high format accuracy.


The multi-ply formwork sheets for every site and every usage location 

DokaPly is available in both coated and uncoated plywood, from high-grade birch plywood sheets to simple sheets for cutting to size on infill zones.

  • DokaPly Birch: the premium birch plywood sheet for smooth concrete finishes
  • DokaPly Spruce: the premium spruce plywood sheet for smooth concrete finishes
  • DokaPly eco: the solid plywood sheet for smooth concrete faces and infill zones
  • DokaPly natural: the uncoated plywood sheet for infill zones