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Column formwork KS Xlife

The high-speed column formwork with a folding mechanism

For situations where large numbers of square and rectangular columns, with variable cross-sections, need to be formed cost-effectively and on schedule.


Rapid forming
thanks to folding mechanism 

  • formwork is simply folded open and shut, minimising erection and striking times
  • wide adjusting range allows many different column cross-sections between 20 and 60 cm to be formed in a 5 cm grid, without having to change system
  • achieves immaculate fair-faced concrete quality because the form-facing is screwed-on from the rear, and there are no form-tie points or frame imprints

Reduced close-out costs
thanks to the high-grade Xlife sheet 

  • high numbers of re-use cycles and fewer changes of form-facing, thanks to the extremely hard-wearing plastic coating
  • the improved surface makes it easy to clean, also with a high-pressure washer, and means that fewer areas need repair
  • special sheet structure means sheet can also be nailed at low temperatures without splintering

Save crane time
by repositioning complete units 

  • column formwork units can be repositioned in a single crane cycle without being dismantled, which saves crane time
  • up to a formwork height of 3.60 m, the units can be repositioned in the horizontal with no need for a crane, on shifting-wheels

Comprehensive workplace safety
with compatible ladderways and working platforms 

  • safe vertical access with the Ladder system XS
  • workplace safety on all sides with column-formwork platforms
  • practical accessories – such as panel struts, lifting/repositioning devices etc. – make for safe, easy handling of the formwork



Quick to plumb and align

The positioning aid makes it possible to plumb and align the formwork easily and quickly using a nail-puller.

Clean edges

The frontal triangular ledge is easy to slot into place and ensures tight, clean corners.

Framax Xlife sheet

  • very high numbers of re-use cycles possible, thanks to plastic-enhanced surface and special sheet structure
  • fewer positive imprints, due to the sheet's great resistance to scratching and vibrator damage
  • fewer areas needing repair, as there is no splintering and far less swelling around nail-holes
  • easy, fast (intermediate) cleaning, also using high-pressure washer


Craneless repositioning

When shifting wheels are attached, Column formwork KS units with heights of up to 3.60 m can be wheeled and repositioned on the same level. The four Shifting wheels KS per column are easy to clamp onto the formwork and save a great deal of crane time when manually repositioning the units in the horizontal.

Imprint-free concrete finish

The form-ply is screwed-on from the rear, ensuring fair-faced concrete quality that is free of screw-head imprints.

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