Local presence – worldwide

Giving construction firms professional advice and support 'on the spot' is a core competence of Doka's. With more than 160 sales and logistics facilities in over 60 countries, Doka has a highly efficient distribution network to ensure that equipment and technical support can be provided swiftly and professionally – no matter how big and complex the project.

Executive Board

Robert Hauser

Robert Hauser


Middle East, Africa, Asia/Pacific

Strategy & Innovation, HR


Hubert Mattersdorfer

Dr. Hubert Mattersdorfer



Production, Engineering, Logistics, Sales & Operations, CC Digital Engineering, E-Commerce


Gerd Pechura

Gerd Pechura


North America, Latin America

Finance, Controlling, IT & Digitalization, Procurement, Business Process Digitalization, Legal & Compliance, Management System, Corporate Internal Audit

Executive Vice Presidents

Alfred Wolfschwenger

Paolo Angelo Zumaglini
North America/Latin America, Key Accounts & Project Solutions

Ralf Bürger
Middle East, Africa, Asia/Pacific

Vice Presidents

Alf Behnke
Supply Chain

Sebastian Dorda
Strategy & Innovation

Kurt König
Human Resources Global

Werner Pfleger

Axel Wieland
IT & Digitalization

Jochen Köhler
Corporate Engineering

Doka distribution network

Doka locations worldwide


Austria, Germany, Switzerland

Dr. Hubert Mattersdorfer

United Kingdom, Ireland

Alfred Wolfschwenger

Europe Region 1

Christoph Haring

Croatia, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Georgia

Europe Region 2

Claus Brun

Belgium, France, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Netherlands, Romania

Europe Region 3

Klaus Vomela​

Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Italy, Serbia, Sweden, Israel

North America/Latin America

North America

Paolo Zumaglini

Canada, USA

Latin America

Michael Schmitz

Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexiko, Panama, Peru

Middle East Africa/Asia Pacific

Middle East/Africa

Ralf Bürger

Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates

East Asia/Pacific

Stefan Schedel

Australia, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore