The Next Generation Powder-Coating

Soon it will be possible to powder coat large Framax Xlife and Framax Xlife Plus elements.

The Framax and Framax Xlife Plus framed formwork is impressively robust and durable. The parts are protected from corrosion with galvanisation and a powder coating, making them quick and easy to clean. An individual colour design is also possible. The manufacturing process of the panel formwork is also environmentally friendly – we have invested in state-of-the-art technologies to make it ecologically sustainable.

This is how environmentally friendly powder-coating works

High quality and cost effective – the new powder-coating system is designed for frames of up to 6.5 meters. It can also be quickly converted and cleaned, and is environmentally friendly.

Doka Pulverbeschichtung Reinigung

1. Cleaning

  • for better powder adhesion
  • according to the highest environmental standards
  • no chromium VI
  • 80 % less water usage (=13,000 m³ water saved)
Doka Pulverbeschichtung Trocknen

2. Drying

  • almost without energy consumption
  • through intelligent use of existing waste heat
Doka Pulverbeschichtung Pulvern

3. Powdering

  • available for all frame sizes
  • in exactly the colours our customers want
  • evenly applied by robot hand
  • with 100% recycling of excess powder
  • without direct skin contact
Doka Pulverbeschichtung Einbrennen

4. Baking

  • for smooth surfaces
  • for greater resistance
  • for extended durability