Interview with Fabian Wenzl

Fabian Wenzl is responsible for electrical maintenance at the St. Martin site. His work includes plant maintenance, conversions and troubleshooting. We meet him for an interview in the clean room of the maintenance department in the production of Doka in St. Martin near Amstetten.

Fabian Wenzl

Fabian Wenzl

“The screwdriver? Yes, I still need it. But today I work more and more on the computer.”

Fabian Wenzl is a trained electrician and works as a maintenance technician in St. Martin.

What do you like about your job?

FABIAN WENZL: That the work is so varied. I travel all over the St. Martin site and come into contact with many colleagues and work on all kinds of systems.

Do you still need the screwdriver, Mr Wenzl?

FABIAN WENZL: Yes, I do, for example to replace sensors or to mend cables. But today I need the computer more and more. I need the programming device for the lifting aids, for example, which can malfunction, or if something doesn't work with the robot controls.

Your field of application?

FABIAN WENZL: I work as a maintenance technician, an electrician. On the buildings as well as on the equipment. I work on the hardware of the facilities. I get a call when there is a malfunction.

Basically, I look for faults in the PLC programme and fix them together with IT. I programme the hardware and make sure that the robot runs. So I do everything around safety, sensors, the process of frame production: roller conveyors, cutting, welding robots, grinding equipment.

How has your field of work changed in recent years?

FABIAN WENZL: My background is in building installation technology. In the past, the screwdriver was enough. Today you need the computer. Further training never stops. We have a wide variety of robot systems and manufacturer brands, and we need our own training for each control system.