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At Doka, we believe in the power of extraordinary talent. We're delighted to invite you to join our exclusive Talent Community, a dynamic hub where remarkable professionals like you come together to connect, grow, and thrive.

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Unleash your potential

Unleash your potential

By joining our Talent Community, you open doors to endless possibilities. Discover exciting career opportunities tailored to your unique skills and aspirations. We'll provide you with a first look at new openings, giving you a competitive advantage in today's fast-paced job market.

Stay in the know

Stay in the know

Get insider updates on our latest initiatives, industry trends, and company news. Stay ahead of the curve with exclusive insights and information available only to our Talent Community members. We'll keep you informed, inspired, and empowered to make informed career decisions.

Expand your skillset

Expand your skillset

Continuous growth is a key ingredient for success. As a member of our Talent Community, you'll gain access to valuable resources, educational materials, and professional development opportunities. Enhance your skills, broaden your knowledge, and stay at the forefront of your field.

Engineering community

Engineering Community:

  • Project Insights
  • Industry Trends
  • Technological Breakthroughs
  • Expert Talks
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Mayur Satardekar

Mayur Satardekar | Engineering Community

Sales Community

Sales Community:

  • Product Insights
  • Success Stories
  • Meet our Experts
  • Discover Sales
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See you in the Community

Manisha Chavan

Manisha Chavan | Sales Community

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Talent community
IT & Digitalisation Community

IT & Digitalisation Community:

  • Hear our IT & Digital Leaders
  • Employee Success Stories
  • Hot Topics
  • Exclusiv Insights
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Visit our IT & Digitalisation Community

Daniela Krahofer

Daniela Krahofer | IT & Digitalisation Community

Students Community

Students Community:

  • Networking Events
  • Collaboration Possibilities
  • Exclusive online Events
  • Skill Development
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Welcome to our Students Community

Lucas Tavares

Lucas Tavares | Students Community

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