Highway E 763 – The route to investors

15.10.2013 | News
In early March 2012, Serbia started construction on Highway E 763, also known as Corridor 11, which is an international project of great importance for the whole region. This highway stretches from Timisoara via Belgrade to Bar, where there is a connection across the Adriatic Sea to Bari, Italy.
Serbia has a clear goal for the next few years – to improve its infrastructure and thus its attractiveness to foreign investors. This project is part of that strategy. Highway E 763 consists of eleven sections from which two are under construction at the moment. The project is very complex and includes five tunnels, 78 bridge constructions and an overpass of a total area of 60,000 m2, 40 regulations of water flow with a partial relocation of the river channel, 46 retaining walls and 28 noise protection walls. The Azerbaijani company “AzVirt Ogranak Beograd” was chosen to be the main contractor on this project. The key to success was the close cooperation between Doka Serb and the contractor to find the best solution for the project right from the planning phase.

Efficient solutions for every challenge

Doka has been assigned to build several bridges during the first construction phase. The construction of most of the bridges’ superstructure is carried out using the Load-bearing system Staxo 100 and Large-area formwork Top 50. Staxo 100 allows for quick work progress while maintaining the highest standards in safety. For the foundation the high-performance Framed formwork Framax Xlife is used. Its logical system grid makes the product simple to handle and fast to erect and dismantle.

Additionally Doka experts provided the contractor with ready-to-use solutions for necessary structural elements like piers, which were made in a record time of five days. These custom-built solutions help to achieve economically efficient construction workflows and create an excellent final result.

First priority – maximum safety

Since there are about 1000 people at any time on site, safety is an important factor. Therefor AzVirt Ogranak Beograd uses only approved technologies and systems, like the Doka Stair tower 250 and Edge protection system XP. The Doka protection system XP, which can be extended up to 1.80 m simply by adding a specially developed bottom-fixed height extender, is very simple to use thanks to its easy-click function for higher productivity.

During the whole project the client receives full service support – from the start of the project and throughout all phases. A Doka Formwork Instructor is engaged to demonstrate a safe and efficient use of Doka formwork systems on site. This kind of direct support ensures the best possible use of resources for the contractor and expedites progress of the construction works. “The speed and efficiency during the delivery of the ordered equipment, and formwork solutions are very important issues which Doka Serb fulfills. This way it is possible to meet all requirements of the project and to ensure that the work is done well and on time”, says Structure Manager of AzVirt Ogranak Beograd, Tansel Pekdemir.

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