Nordhavnsvej – Cut & Cover – with Doka SL-1 tunnel carriages

29.03.2016 | News
Back in 2011, Züblin started the first works on the Nordhavnsvej project for the City of Copenhagen and in 2015, the project entered its second major phase.


  • Nordhavnsvej – Cut & Cover – with Doka SL-1 tunnel carriages
  • Nordhavnsvej – Cut & Cover – with Doka SL-1 tunnel carriages
  • Nordhavnsvej – Cut & Cover – with Doka SL-1 tunnel carriages
In autumn, Züblin chose Doka as the formwork supplier on this part of the project, and, around Christmas, the work began with the first walls with Framax Xlife, double centre walls and single-sided external walls against secant piers with supporting construction frame Universal.

To optimize the processes and safety simultaneously, the Xsafe plus platform system was chosen. A complete solution, in which railings to all 4 sides are included; entrance hatches and integrated ladders eliminate a number of risk factors associated with access and work on these casting platforms.
Right now, as is clear from the images, the work with the construction of the SL-1 tunnel carriages has started. A project that is also optimised by the use of a foreign experienced supervisor from Doka to provide council and guidance in this process.

In addition to the tunnel carriages, Staxo 100 load-bearing tower system will be used around driveways, etc.
The special Danish approval conditions concerning the Scaffolding Handbook are always a challenge in these projects, as these, of course, are unknown to our foreign engineers and structural engineers, but after the tunnel carriage at TP10 (2013/14) and the traveller on TP30 (2014/16), Doka, including our experts in the headquarters, has also accumulated experience and expertise in this area, making these processes run structured and smoothly towards the finish line.

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