Rehabilitation of Eforie Sud
Waste Water Treatment Plant


The Eforie Sud waste water treatment plant is one of the most modern treatment plants in Romania and serves a population of 140,000 from the urban areas of Eforie Nord, Eforie Sud, Agigea, Techirghiol, Tuzla, Costinesti and Schitu.

The challenges on this job site came from limited crane capacity, big concrete heights and a tight deadline of only 2 months. For this project, there were used large amounts of materials: approx. 2,000 sqm of Frami Xlife formwork, used in sequences; approx. 650 cm of Load bearing towers Staxo 40; with a total of Doka formwork weighting approx. 100 tones.


Eforie Sud, Constanta county
Project duration:
2 months
Year of completion:
Tracon SRL
Construction type:
treatment plant