Church Nova Rača

Nova Rača, Croatia

Church of the Assumption of Mary

The Parish Church of the Assumption of Mary, located in the town of Nova Rača in the Bjelovar-Bilogora County. Built by the templars in 1312 and later finished by the Ivanovics, it was significantly damaged by the earthquake that hit central Croatia on December 29, 2020 – which caused significant damage to the church, including the tower, arches, choir area, and interior. Structural reconstruction was necessary to prevent future damage and potential accidents.

The reconstruction of the damages is underway, in a project that is worth almost EUR 2 million with structural renovation being carried out by Hidroregulacija from Bjelovar, and completion is scheduled for July 30, 2023.

Ringlock modular scaffolding system proved its versatility and flexibility by completely enveloping the church’s tower and all its protrusions, in a structure that totalled 1550 sqm of scaffold as per requirement of the contractor, Hidroregulacija d.d.

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Building type
Sacral object

• On-site evaluation of the historical building to develop solution
• Wrap the building close enough for restoration works while guaranteeing anchorages and material would not create further damage on the copper roof and centuries-old masonry
• The tower has vertical settlement deviations, therefore is not straight in the upright

• 3D modelling based on dimensioned drawings plus on-site measurement and evaluation
• Load-bearing cantilevers above the (mentioned) attached structural elements.
• Scaffolding was adapted to the current shape of the building and support was given throughout the entire project

further project data

Project data

Year of completion
Hidroregulacija d.d.

ZIP Code

Nova Rača

Building data

Floor plan area
610 m²

Scaffold surface
1550 m²