E4 Bypass

Stockholm, Sweden

FSE105 Kungens Kurva

1) FSE105 Kungens Kurva

26 meter long tunnel wagon for casting the tunnels at King´s Curve.

Rock excavation: 300,000 m³
Soil excavation: 375,000 m³
Concrete: 78,000 m³
Soil reinforcement: 11,000 m²
Concrete tunnel incl. trough: 330 + 330 m

FSE502 Hjulsta Norra

2) FSE502 Hjulsta Norra

Top 50 as formwork for exterior wall to SL 1 tunnel wagon when casting tunnels at North of Hjulsta.

Construction method: Monolithic
Tunnel with formwork: 2 x 370 m
Length of concrete sections: 10 m
Number of concrete sections: 2 x 38
Trough: 170 m

FSE61 Akalla

3) FSE61 Akalla

Overview image of tunnel and trough before the four SL 1 tunnel wagons are mounted.

Reinforcement: 11,600 tons
Sheet pile: 8,745 m²
Soil and Rock excavation: 715,000 m³
Concrete: 60,000 m³

FSE62 Häggvik

4) FSE62 Häggvik

Top 50 as formwork for exterior wall on both large and small tunnel before three SL 1 tunnels are put into operation.

Concrete: 29,000 m²
Rock excavation: 320,000 m³
Soil excavation: 250,000 m³
Sheet pile: 3,500 m²

Building data

21 km
Length of main tunnel:
2x18 km
Number of lanes
3 in each direction in separate tunnel pipes
Traffic areas
Motorway bridge
Total rock volume
22 million tons
Construction cost (2009 price level)
SEK 28 billion