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Concrefy Laboratory

Concrefy, a subsidiary of Doka, is a combination of a high-tech laboratory and a knowledge institute for concrete technology that is active across the globe.

With Concrefy, Doka and its customers, can fall back on more than 40 years of experience and the most modern concrete technology laboratory in Europe. Concrefy proudly calls itself the specialist in concrete technology.

A variety of several high-quality tests are conducted in this accredited laboratory according to international standards. This includes research on and testing of:

  • Concrete
  • Metals
  • Granular materials (aggregates)
  • Asphalt

Innovation is paramount to Concrefy.
Optimise the precast concrete production as well as the building process with concrete.

Thanks to exceptional insight into the construction process, the Concrefy Team is able to find solutions and deliver real improvements – improvements that make your operations more cost efficient, safer, faster and better!

Concrefy – fresh thinking for construction.
You would like to know more about Concrefy? The Concrefy team of concrete specialists is happy to support you in all questions around concrete.

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Asphalt load simulation test. Asphalt load simulation test

Concrete compressive strength test. Concrete compressive strength test.