Yard Management Service

Efficient material management for rented and owned equipment

To this day, “First come, first serve” is a common workflow on construction yards. Foremen have to deal with the lack of clarity and transparency regarding availability of materials. Yard managers are struggling to gather information about owned materials currently being used. Our Yard Management Service is an intuitive web-based platform that provides an overview here. A digital display of all data related to inventory and movements (rented and owned material, formwork and any additional equipment) allows for an intelligent flow of material. For instance, if owned material on site A is not used but needed on site B, the Yard Manager can easily organise the transfer. Beyond that, Yard Management Service offers automatic links to traditional services such as transport, reconditioning and storage available for modular selection.

  • Optimised material management thanks to transparency regarding formwork and all other operating equipment
  • Insights into the time materials will be available again for upcoming sites
  • Right formwork mix & quantities due to consultation services provided by experienced experts
  • Cost reduction thanks to optimised processes and a strong partner in Doka
Yms Cockpit

Overview of featured services

Use cycle Yard Management Service

Use cases:

Foreman before project start: defines the initial material needs and checks availability on the in-house yard

Yard Manager in ongoing operation: receives notification of additional formwork needs on a site. He checks availability on other sites, the in-house yard, the Doka reconditioning yard and, if applicable, his own yard at Doka – all at a glance

Foreman on site: checks the on-site materials and determines whether he can cover his needs or whether additional materials are needed

Company Manager: Creates an overview of utilisation and process quality of his owned material at the click of a button