Stair tow­er 250

The safe, fast way to get up and down

The stur­dy, sta­ble stair tow­er can be put to­gether very quick­ly from frames and pre-as­sem­bled stair­way el­e­ments. In­ter­me­di­ate ex­its per­mit safe ac­cess to all work-deck lev­els.


Can be used any­where

thanks to their ver­satil­i­ty and heights of up to 100 m 

sys­tem components that work in com­bi­na­tion with stair tow­er el­e­ments are

  • Load-bearing tow­er Staxo 100
  • Load-bearing tow­er d3

High cost-ef­fi­cien­cy

for your site 

Makes work easi­er for your crew, be­cause

  • of its er­go­nom­i­cal con­struc­tio­n­al de­sign
  • gett­ing up and down re­quires much less phys­i­cal ef­fort than on lad­ders

Con­ve­nient and easy to erect

thanks to its sim­ple set-up pro­ce­dure 

Quick and easy to erect, as

  • there are on­ly a small num­ber of dif­fer­ent parts
  • hard­ly any tools are need­ed – on­ly a ham­mer
  • it can be safe­ly ver­ti­cal­ly stacked, a 'storey' at a time

The suspended stair tower version permits safe access to Automatic climbing formwork (from floor to core) in highrise construction.