Lad­der sys­tem XS

Safe­ty on all up/down ac­cess routes

Sys­tem-based lad­der­ways with in­te­gral lad­der cages can be at­tached to Doka wall and col­umn formwork in a few sim­ple steps. Th­ese safe­ty accessories can be mount­ed to the formwork while this is still placed flat on the ground. This en­sures com­plete safe­ty, right from the word "go".


High safe­ty

with a thor­ough­ly en­gi­neered sys­tem 

The lad­der sys­tem and cage en­sure safe, fast work­ing

  • com­plete safe­ty when climbing up to, or down from, work­ing plat­forms
  • com­plies with all sta­tu­to­ry reg­u­la­tions
  • proven Doka qual­i­ty, with hot-dip gal­vanised lad­ders and lad­der cages

En­sures smooth work­flows

by re­duc­ing down­times 

Safe work­ing means fast work­ing

  • hav­ing safe up/down ac­cess makes for a smooth, ef­fi­cient con­struc­tion work­flow
  • work­ing in safe sur­round­ings boosts your site-crews' mo­ti­va­tion

Sim­ple to de­ploy – any­where

with on­ly a small num­ber of dif­fer­ent sys­tem-based lad­ders 

One sin­gle sys­tem for all up/down ac­cess routes to work-plat­forms; com­pat­i­ble with

  • all Doka wall formwork, in­clud­ing cir­cu­lar formwork and Doka sup­port­ing con­struc­tion frames
  • all Doka col­umn formwork sys­tems
  • all Doka climbing formwork sys­tems, Doka tun­nel formwork and the Doka cantilever forming trav­eller