Handrail posts & clamps

Safe­ty on ev­ery struc­ture

Th­ese tried-and-test­ed sys­tems give your site crew op­ti­mum pro­tection and make a sig­ni­f­i­cant con­tri­bu­tion to a smooth work­flow. When the crew are prop­er­ly pro­tect­ed, they work safe­ly, which al­so means more rapid­ly and thus more ef­fi­cient­ly – for your suc­cess.


Un­in­ter­rupt­ed safe­ty
in ev­ery phase of the work 

Doka handrail posts & clamps pro­vide com­pre­hen­sive safe­ty

  • against fall hazards
  • on the struc­ture and the formwork
  • thanks to their high qual­i­ty (hot-dip gal­vanised)
  • con­form to EN 13374 Class A

Con­ve­nient and easy to mount
thanks to their many dif­fer­ent fix­ing meth­ods 

Doka handrail posts & clamps are quick and easy to mount

  • by quick-fix­ing with a wedge
  • as the on­ly tool need­ed is a ham­mer

as they can be used in many dif­fer­ent si­t­u­a­tions 

Put the ver­satil­i­ty of the Doka handrail posts & clamps to work for you:

  • Handrail clamp S
  • Handrail clamp T
  • Handrail post 1.10m



Handrail clamp S

For safeguarding exposed edges on buildings, the Handrail clamp S can easily be attached to any point on a timber formwork beam. Its wide clamping range means that it can be used for putting up guard rails in many different parts of the site, on the formwork and the structure.

Handrail clamp T

The Handrail clamp T provides a high level of safety: from when the slab or superstructure is cast until the permanent railings are erected. This clamp can be fixed anywhere: to reinforcement hoops or to Bridge edge beam anchors – with no need for any adapters or accessories. A wide range of additional applications for fall-arrest barriers on precast concrete stairways or hollow-element walls is also possible.

Handrail post 1.10m

The Handrail post 1.10m is a fast and very safe way of putting up safety railings. Handrail posts 1.10m can be deployed along slab-edges, floor openings or other fall-hazard locations, or for opposing guard-rails on wall formwork. The hot-dip galvanised all-steel construction of the Handrail post 1.10m gives it a very long lifespan.

The Handrail post 1.10m is very quick and easy to mount:

  • in an attachable sleeve or screw-sleeve in soft concrete
  • in a hole subsequently drilled in the concrete
  • in the cross borehole of a framed formwork panel, using a hexagon nut