Folding plat­for­m K

The pre-as­sem­bled scaf­fold platform for con­crete con­struc­tion sites

Doka folding plat­forms K are pre-as­sem­bled, work-ready scaf­fold plat­forms with stan­dardised sys­tem components for all us­age si­t­u­a­tions.


Test­ed safe­ty
for re­li­able pro­tection 

Put the ad­van­tages of this EN 12811-1 and DIN 4420 cer­ti­fied Ser­vice and Work­ing Scaf­fold to work for you

  • re­duced costs, due to fast, safe work­ing
  • high load-bearing ca­pac­i­ty (max. 600 kg/m²) means that wall form­works up to 5.50 m high can be stood on the plat­forms
  • un­ob­struct­ed, flat platform deck made pos­si­ble by the re­tractable crane-hoist­ing points
  • with prac­ti­cal add-on components for ev­ery us­age si­t­u­a­tion

Rapid work­ing
thanks to easy han­dling 

Re­duced labour and crane times, thanks to

  • pre-as­sem­bled units
  • plan­n­ing where to put the sus­pen­sion points is easy, thanks to the sys­tem's log­i­cal con­cept
  • ready for use straight away, af­ter a very few quick and easy ac­tions

can be used for all types of safe­ty task 

De­pend­ing on your needs, you can use the pre-as­sem­bled scaf­fold plat­forms as

  • work­ing plat­forms
  • pro­tection plat­forms
  • slop­ing-roof­top fall bar­ri­ers
  • pro­tec­tive canopies

High­ly cost-ef­fi­cient
sav­ing you time and mon­ey 

Achieves cost-op­ti­mi­sa­tion by

  • be­ing easy to use
  • hav­ing a long lifes­pan
  • not tak­ing up much stor­age and tran­s­port space



  • system consists of two straight platforms (3.00 m and 4.50 m long) and a corner solution
  • two different suspension methods and a wide range of accessories for adapting to site requirements
  • high load-bearing capacity of up to 600 kg/m² (= Scaffold Category 6)
  • platform level can be raised / lowered by either 0.50 m or 1.00 m at a time
  • long service life thanks to its sturdy design, varnished floor planking and galvanised steel construction
  • planking protected by steel section on the narrowside

The fold-away Folding platform K corner solution makes for safe, time-saving corner transitions without any trip hazards and loose decking boards.

Adding Handrail extensions K and safety netting turns the platform into a dependable sloping-rooftop fall barrier.

Types of sus­pen­sion point

The standard suspension point is prepared by screwing a suspension cone into an embedded positioning-point.

To use the Folding platform K with loop-type suspension points, simply retrofit the platform with the Bow head K-ES.

A suspension plate can be used to retrofit a dependable suspension point to the concrete floor-slab whenever needed.

The Fair-faced concrete positioning cone 15.0 5cm can be used to ensure that the form-tie points and suspension points produce a uniform hole-pattern.


The Folding platforms K are pre-assembled and can be transported and stored folded closed. This saves space and keeps them safe from overturning and slipping. This high packing density translates into low shipping volume and excellent utilisation of the loading area of the truck.