Platform sys­tem Xsafe plus

The eco­nom­i­cal safe­ty sys­tem for wall and col­umn form­works

The pre-as­sem­bled, fold-out work­ing plat­forms, with their in­te­grable front/rear and side rail­ings, lad­ders and self-clos­ing man­hole lids, are ready for im­me­di­ate use and great­ly en­hance work­place safe­ty. The sys­tem can be used on Framax Xlife framed and col­umn formwork units, Framax Xlife plus and Wall formwork FF20, Top 50 and Top 100 tec.


High work­place safe­ty
achieved by in­te­gral safe­ty func­tions 

  • safe as­sem­b­ly, as the lift-in-one units can be as­sem­bled in the hor­i­zon­tal
  • hazard-free ac­cess to the work deck made pos­si­ble by in­te­grable te­le­s­cop­ing lad­ders and in­te­grat­ed, self-clos­ing man­hole lids
  • the all-round front/rear and side rail­ings pro­vide safe work­ing con­di­tions on the formwork
  • no need for im­pro­vi­sa­tions, as the sys­tem adapts to the formwork with safe so­lu­tions for platform ex­ten­sions and corn­er tran­si­tions

Fast work­flows
aid­ed by prac­tice-fo­cused sys­tem at­tributes 

  • quick to put up and take down, thanks to its pre-as­sem­bled fold-down platform units
  • quick and easy to re­po­si­tion, as the formwork and platform can be raised si­mul­ta­ne­ous­ly in just one crane cy­cle
  • un­ob­struct­ed walkaround ac­cess, be­cause the pan­el struts are fixed to the rear of the platform
  • work­flows are op­ti­mised by the in­te­grat­ed con­nec­tors

Saves time, cuts costs
by be­ing high­ly ver­satile 

  • high­ly eco­nom­i­cal, be­cause a sin­gle platform con­cept can be used on all Doka wall sys­tems
  • can al­so be retro-fitt­ed to up­right formwork with a lift­ing adapter
  • low­er com­mis­sion­ing quan­ti­ties cut stor­age and freight costs



Platform lengths from 1.00 m to 2.70 m

This platform system can be used on framed formwork and timber-beam formwork; in each case, three different lengths of platform are available. A steel frame protects the platform decking from damage during work on the site. The integrated connection options make it easier to connect add-on components for e.g. corner transitions and closures at a later stage.

Ex­tend­ing the plat­forms to ei­ther side

The platform can be telescoped out by up to 0.60 m on either side using the Xsafe plus platform extension 0.60m. In combination with the Xsafe plus platform transition and the Xsafe plus handrail extension, this creates safe platform transitions on the narrowsides of the formwork at corners or on closure gaps.

Xsafe ­plus sup­port­ing strut

The Xsafe plus supporting strut allows the platform inclination to be adjusted by +/- 5 degrees. The work deck always remains horizontal, providing safety on inclined formwork units as well. The strut also serves to transfer the forces when panel struts are connected up.

Op­ti­mal safe­ty on the op­pos­ing formwork

The Framax adapter XP allows for mounting the Protective grating XP while it is flat on the ground. Built-in safety right from the start. If necessary, the handrail post can be tilted by 15 degree, therefore providing more space for the pouring operation.

Side rail­ing

The integrable side railing provides safe working conditions and is designed for use on either the left- or right-hand side of the platform. To safeguard closure gaps between two platforms, the system can be telescoped in 5 cm increments up to max. 50 cm, and moved backwards to allow unobstructed access around the platform.

Rail­ings fac­ing formwork

Thanks to the 'mounted-ahead' Xsafe plus counter railing, fall-hazard protection is already in place before anyone steps onto the platform. The side protection is thus complete on all four sides.

Lad­ders and man­holes in­te­grat­ed in the sys­tem

The integrable ladder system and the self-closing manhole in the platform provide hazard-free access to the work deck. The telescoping ladder (155 cm to 271 cm) covers a large number of upright and horizontal panel combinations.

Xsafe ­plus handrail ex­ten­sion

The handrail extensions provide complete safety in cases where the platform has been enlarged with the 'platform extension'.


Con­nect­ing to framed formwork

The Xsafe plus platform waling 1.50m is attached to the top part of the framed formwork, where it connects the pouring platform to the formwork. The Xsafe plus platform waling 2.10m is used in cases where panels are vertically stacked, and aligns the formwork. It also ensures that the intermediate platforms are always in the right position for operating the formwork's connecting and anchoring components.

Con­nect­ing to timber-beam formwork

The Xsafe plus waling connector allows the platform waling or multipurpose waling to be connected to the timber-beam formwork.

Con­nect­ing to col­umn formwork

Safety is particularly important when columns have to be formed at slab-edges. The Xsafe plus column adapter allows the platforms to be used on column formwork as well. Safe ladderways and fully walkable platforms are solved within the system.

Use as a pour­ing platform

The Xsafe plus lifting adapter makes it possible to mount an Xsafe plus platform on a framed formwork unit that is already standing in the upright. No walings are needed in order to do this. With this method, the commissioning quantities for the pouring-platform level can be reduced.

Re­po­si­tion­ing large units

The Xsafe plus lifting waler makes it possible to lift the formwork into the upright after it has been assembled in the horizontal, and to reposition large formwork units together with the platform system. The lifting waler is CE-marked and is supplied with Operating Instructions.

Tran­s­port and han­dling

Where space is tight, the Xsafe plus swivel plate enables large formwork units to be delivered to the site complete with the platform system. This means that less assembly work is needed on the site.