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Innovative pier head formwork

10.09.2012 | News
The main link road between Wadi Adai and Al Amerat in Muscat, Oman was completely destroyed by flooding in 2007. The government has been looking for a solution that will be safe from flood water.

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The solution has been decided: a road, 7.5 km in length that touches the flood-endangered valley of Wadi Adai in just two places. It will start from Al Nahda Hospital, and end at the first Amerat roundabout. Although a mere 7.5-kilometres, the project has become one of the most technically challenging to be undertaken in the Sultanate in recent years. Over 6 million m³ of rock are to be moved within a period of 18 months, the old road to be demolished and the Wadi Adai spanned by two viaducts 50 m in height. Costing approximately RO 56.549 million this project will rank among the most expensive infrastructure undertakings of its kind.

Custom-made formwork solution

The project involves the construction of two new wadi-bridges of varying lengths and nine box culverts. Given the ruggedness of the terrain through which the new alignment will run, accessibility has been a major constraint for the nominated contractor Nagarjuna Construction Company International LLC (NCCIL).

Doka Muscat is supplying the right formwork solution for this major project. For adhusudhan P., the chief executive officer of the NCCIL, the construction of the hammer heads of the two piers at a height of over 40 m was a special challenge where The Formwork Experts came up with their expertise. Doka has designed and supplied three tailor-made support structures and formwork sets for the ten hammer heads, each with a length of 16 m, width of 4.50 m and height of 2.80 m. Doka supporting construction frames suspended on the bridge piers and used horizontally, served as the platform for the Top 50 formwork at this breezy height.

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