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11.01.2016 | News
Big Project ME tours the under-construction Juma Al Majid Tower.
Gavin Davids reports on the work that Ali and Sons Contracting and Doka are doing
on this addition to Sheikh Zayed Road’s skyline
The buildings that line Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road are amongst the best-known in the world, with several marketing and tourism campaigns focusing on the towering skyline that dominates the city. The development of the area around the highway linking Abu Dhabi and Dubai has turned a barren stretch of desert sands into some of the most coveted real estate in the region.
With the likes of the Dubai World Trade Centre, the Burj Khalifa, Business Bay and Dubai International Financial Centre all rubbing shoulders with each other, it comes as no surprise that this is real estate in demand. However, this also means construction here is often a highly complicated and considered process.
That is precisely the challenge facing Munzer Hayri, project manager at Ali and Sons Contracting, the contractor building the Juma Al Majid Tower on Sheikh Zayed Road.
Situated near Business Bay, the project is a $31.87 million residential tower with 47 floors, along with a seven-storey (plus three basement levels) parking lot that will also house the tower’s swimming pool and recreation facilities.
One of the biggest challenges facing Hayri and his team is working in a busy area with a limited amount of space. There is another construction site on one side and the Dubai Metro on the other, so establishing a wide perimeter around the project was not an option.
Outside of the standard assessments and procedures, some of the earlier challenges faced were in relation to the project’s site,”
Hayri tells Big Project ME during an interview at his site offices. “[Given that the site is] located only a short distance from Dubai’s Metro line, we had to ensure that all relevant NOCs were stamped and acknowledged by the RTA. This was essential before the piling could commence. In line with the strict standards issued by the RTA, no construction can take place within a distance of 30 metres from the Metro lines or stations themselves.”
Expanding on the space challenge facing the project team, Hayri points out that the site area is so tight, his team had to rent the land for their site offices from the Dubai Municipality.
They also had to rent a smaller patch of land to house their stores for the project. “Another one of the earlier challenges to overcome was also in relation to our location. As an area which is under development, construction in the downtown area often means working on a small footprint, in our case meaning we had to rent a small area on an adjacent plot from the Dubai Municipality to accommodate our site offices and storage facilities,” he explains.

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